Your Pregnancy – Food Myths Debunked!

Your Pregnancy – Pregnancy Food Myths Debunked!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! One of the most used phrases when it comes to pregnant women is ‘eating for two’. Now that you are growing a little womb raider, you’re often told that you need to eat far more than the usual calorie intake to compensate for the weed growing in your uterus. From poppyseed to watermelon, that little life needs nourishment, but that nourishment doesn’t mean eating everything in sight is a normal thing to do. There are days you are going to feel ravenously hungry. To the point, that you simply cannot stop eating – this is totally normal. However, if you expect to be able to get your pre-pregnancy body back once your baby is born, you can’t just let go throughout pregnancy and pretend as if you won’t have to pick up the pieces later.

Your Pregnancy - Everything change.
Your Pregnancy – Everything change.

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Everything change

It takes nine months to grow a human from start to finish. That is a lot of work for the body. Your muscles are going to stretch, your skin is going to stretch right out to accommodate the baby. Everything is going to change. These changes may not be easy to cope with right off the bat, but if you want to make a point of having a healthy pregnancy you need to know all about the correct amount of weight to gain, what food you should be eating and how to keep up with prenatal fitness when your body just wants to sleep.

Your body is a miracle; not only is it growing fingers and toes, it is becoming more efficient with every week of pregnancy that progresses. You are absorbing more nutrients from your food than ever before, which is being passed directly to your baby. This means that rather than gaining double the nutrients by eating double the food, you’re likely only going to gain double the weight!

Your Pregnancy - Good calories, good fats.
Your Pregnancy – Good calories, good fats.

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Good calories, good fats

Being clever about the food you eat throughout pregnancy is the way to ensure you are getting the extra calories required to help your baby grow and develop, while at the same time maintaining your health. Eating sunflower seeds or oily fish is going to add more calories to your diet. But, these are GOOD calories that are going to do your baby and your body well. It’s far better to choose to eat avocado – which is extremely high in good fats and calories – instead of a cheeseburger off the back of a roadside burger truck.

Meal planning and being careful about your intake of sugar are important in pregnancy. But, understanding the myths surrounding what you can and cannot eat is also so important! Too many women are misinformed about what they should and shouldn’t be eating. And, it’s vital that you debunk the myths for yourself before you embark on the rest of your pregnancy. The information available out there is quite contradictory. So, doing your own research alongside asking your primary physician for advice is just good parenting from the beginning. Check out our food myths that are so common in pregnancy, and read about how true they really are!

Your Pregnancy - Caffeine Is Bad For You!
Your Pregnancy – Caffeine Is Bad For You!

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Caffeine Is Bad For You!

It’s important that if you are a coffee fiend, you find a new obsession. You can still have caffeine during pregnancy, but limiting your intake is important. It can feel counterproductive, especially as pregnancy is probably the most tiring time in life. But, high levels of caffeine can cause low birth weight. 200mg of caffeine a day is just fine, and to work out how many cups of coffee you can have with that, check out this guide.

Your Pregnancy - You are more than safe to eat mozzarella and cheddar.
Your Pregnancy – You are more than safe to eat mozzarella and cheddar.

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No Fondue For You!

Cheese is a big deal in pregnancy. You want to up your calcium intake; especially as you’re growing the bones of a tiny person who will depend on you. However, there are some cheeses that you should avoid. Mold-ripened soft cheeses like Camembert, Brie, and goat’s’ cheese should be ones you put away for a few months. These cheeses often contain listeria bacteria and while the listeria infection is rare in pregnancy, it’s not worth the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. You are more than safe to eat mozzarella and cheddar, though, so don’t worry about those pizza cravings!

Your Pregnancy - Runny Yolk Is No Joke!
Your Pregnancy – Runny Yolk Is No Joke!

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Runny Yolk Is No Joke!

This one really depends on where you are in the world! In the USA, the guidelines about undercooked egg yolks still stand: undercooked eggs can contain salmonella, so it’s best to avoid uncooked batter or runny egg yolks. In the UK, however, the rules are different. The eggs there are British Lion Stamped, which means that they have been checked for salmonella and are not at risk. All duck, goose and quail’s eggs should be cooked thoroughly, with both the white and the yolk solid.

Your Pregnancy - You don’t have to limit shellfish and other cooked fish.
Your Pregnancy – You don’t have to limit shellfish and other cooked fish.

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See Seafood? Not For You

You can eat most types of fish when you’re pregnant. So, if you’re craving battered fish and chips you are free to eat as much as you like. However, avoiding shark and swordfish and limiting tuna steaks to once a week is a must. Tuna contains mercury and while we can usually eat what we like when not pregnant, there is a chance that the mercury could have an effect on the nervous system of your baby. You don’t have to limit shellfish and other cooked fish. So, the next clambake you’re invited to is perfectly safe to eat!

Debunking food myths in pregnancy is not always easy, as the guidelines have changed so often over the years. The important thing to remember is to keep your pregnancy diet balanced and only increase your calories per trimester as you need to. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. If you’re craving sweet or junk foods, check out what your cravings mean and help yourself to give your body and your baby what it needs rather than just overindulge. Pregnancy isn’t a time in your life to let yourself go. It’s a time to nourish your body in the right way from day one. Make it count.




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