Workout Post Surgery Recovery

Maintaining Physical Workout during Post Surgery Recovery

Every surgery, regardless of its gravity and if it is a matter of choice or an inevitable outcome, puts a certain amount of stress in the patient’s mind and body. It would be unnatural to go back to the activities you have performed before the procedure and to perform them with the same intensity. Both body and mind need time to rest and recover, and the way back to the previous lifestyle should come gradually. This doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from the moderate physical workout, but it has to be modified to fit your condition and you have to discuss with your physician before you start working out. Here are some general guidelines about physical activities during the post-surgery recovery.

Maintaining Physical Workout during Post Surgery Recovery
Maintaining Physical Workout during Post Surgery Recovery

Getting Started

Before even thinking about facilitating your exercise routine, you should consult your doctor to be sure, that you are staying within your current limits when exercising. Some procedures have strict restrictions when it comes to exercising, and they do not allow weight lifting or too strenuous activities. In almost every post-surgery period, the first exercise should be the simplest and the easiest – walking. Stretching can also be a good way to start getting back on track.

Understanding the Dangers

However, if you’re stretching an area that’s recovering from surgery you’re running a risk of getting hurt again. Don’t try to speed up the recovery process more than it’s natural, because you’ll achieve the opposite effect. One of the consequences of getting your heart rate up while exercising is that more blood is pumped into the injured area, which produces swelling and more scarring. Sweating a lot can cause an infection.

Workout Post Surgery Recovery - Modifying the Workouts
Workout Post Surgery Recovery – Modifying the Workouts

Listening to Your Body

First, listen to your doctor, and then, listen to your body. If your doctor has told you that you can exercise, and you do everything by the instructions and still feel pain, it’s time to stop. Otherwise, it can get much worse. Make a pause for a while or find a simpler and less stressful workout you can do.

Modifying the Workouts

As mentioned, when a workout doesn’t suit you, make it work by modifying it in a way that enables you to work out around the recovering areas. Modifications should be made in things such as endurance, joint strength, flexibility, and strength. Some alternative exercises that might contribute to the recovery, depending on the type of surgery, are Pilates, yoga, swimming or cycling. As for the weightlifting, usually, it’s enough to replace the heavy weights with lower weights and higher repetition version or resistance exercises.

Constructing an Effective Workout Program

It’s now very common for women who underwent breast augmentation in Sydney to consult their doctor and a physical therapist in order to construct an effective workout program for their specific needs. A physical therapist has the needed knowledge and they’re in the position to make a good plan based on the patient’s abilities and limits. By having a customized plan which is not only working on the affected areas but also slowly strengthening them, the chances of something going wrong are significantly decreased.

Workout Post Surgery Recovery - Healthy Diet and Positive Mind
Workout Post Surgery Recovery – Healthy Diet and Positive Mind

The Significance of a Healthy Diet and Positive Mind

Your workout routine should be complemented with an appropriate diet, which is also approved by your doctor. No matter the surgery, drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration which is followed by fatigue and often dizziness is a must. You should, almost always, avoid fried and too spicy food. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to regain your strength. When recovering from a surgery, it’s easy to feel sad, upset and even depressed about the day-to-day situation. Having a positive mind is an important factor in the recovery. Therefore it should not be taken lightly.

As you are easing back into your old workout routine, remember this: nothing good ever came from rushing things. Take it one day at the time, and you’ll be fine.


This article is written by Peter Minkoff

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