Work Out Even If You Don’t Have Time

How To Work Out Even If You Don’t Have Time

If you feel yourself packing on the pounds but just don’t have enough time to go to the gym as much as you’d like, you can incorporate exercise into your life. Instead of wasting time in traffic on the way to the gym, or wasting money buying expensive gym equipment, there are many free exercises you can do with the equipment you have at home or in your office. We even found some exercises you can do in bed! So if you’re constantly running from meeting to meeting, or you have hours of work to get through, make sure you are carving out enough time for yourself. Exercise is not just important for your muscles; it also helps stimulate and rejuvenate your brain. To work out can definitely help you be more productive, so don’t skimp on the workouts you can do at your desk.

Work Out - Consider Supplements
Work Out – Consider Supplements

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Consider Supplements

Before you start, your journey to your new healthy lifestyle, make sure you are getting enough sleep and are eating well. You also should consider taking natural supplements to help with your workouts. Supplements like omega-3 or nitric oxide can provide energy and increase your muscle growth. Look through websites like Authority Reports to compare supplement brands to see which supplements are offered at the best price. Find out more about Authority Reports to pick a supplement that can benefit you during your workouts. Make sure you buy quality supplements with pure ingredients by reading reviews online.

Keep reading to learn about three different exercises you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Work Out In Bed
Work Out In Bed

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1. Work Out In Bed

You can wake up fifteen minutes early and start your day with a few quick stretches, hip raises and push-ups in bed. This is an especially helpful tool to help you wake up, especially if you feel groggy in the morning. Exercise gets your heart pumping and clears any fog you have in your sleepy mind.

Start by stretching in bed, bending and stretching your arms and legs. Next, you can try a decline push-up by placing your feet on your bed and your hands on the floor. If you want to stay in bed longer, get your feet moving by doing some marching hip raises. You lay on your back with your knees bent and slowly raise and lower each leg. You can find more workout instructions here.

Work Out While at Work - Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is extremely painful on your body.
Work Out While at Work – Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is extremely painful on your body.

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2. Work Out While at Work

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is extremely painful on your body. Even if you’re making sure to get up every hour and stretch. Therefore, the ten-to-fifteen minute coffee break you take every day can be used for a short workout at your desk. Short videos that show how to correctly do these exercises can be found here.


Move your chair away and use your desk to do lunges. Stand with your hands palm-down on your desk. Bend one knee while stretching the other leg behind you. Rise and switch sides. Repeat for five or six times. This strengthens your thighs and back.


Just like this morning with decline push-ups, save floor space at your office by doing incline push-ups at work. Using your desk, rest your palms flat on the desk, leaning in but making sure your back is straight as you raise and lower your body. You can spend a good five minutes building up a sweat, working out your arms and back.


Strengthen your core with squats. This is similar to doing lunges. Stand straight up with your arms out in front of you for balance. Bend your knees as deeply as you can and return to a standing position.

Do some work out at home watching TV.
Do some work out at home watching TV.

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3. Work Out While Watching Netflix

While waiting for your show to load, or if you have a streaming service that still has commercials, you can do a fifteen-minute workout at home. Change your Netflix and chill to Netflix and drill by doing a few reps of squats, burpees, crunches or push-ups. You can even challenge your friends to a contest to see who can do the most reps.

Start Moving

Even if you have an extremely busy day, you can sustain a good, healthy body. You deserve to take breaks, and you can feel energized by doing quick, simple exercises during the free time you have. Whether your aim is to shed pounds, build up your muscles, or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle, doing your research and staying motivated is the best way to help yourself. Despite your busy life, you can squeeze in short workouts that will make you way more efficient than when you started.




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