What Causes Pot Belly Fat ?

What Causes Pot Belly Fat?

You might associate pot belly with a stove but trust me, that’s not what I am going to talk about. Pot belly fat refers to the fat deposits situated in the stomach making it look big just like a pot. It is usually known as a beer belly, beer gut, spare tire, or clinically known as central obesity. It is common among men although women were seen suffering from it too. For people who are carrying the weight of having a large belly, they wanted to do any exercise just to get rid of it. But before we took the steps to reduce pot belly fat, we have to learn the cause.

Causes of Pot Belly Fat

 1. Drinking a lot of carbonated drinks daily.

According to researchers, soda contains high amounts of sugar that trigger your craving for food which will make you eat more portions of

Sugar in drinks
Pot belly fat – Two cans of soda intake will increase your waistline at least 5 times faster.

meals that you normally do. Two cans of soda intake will increase your waistline at least 5 times faster. If you have a fetish for a good satisfying drink, treat yourself with fruit juices, or fruit smoothies instead.

2. Using a large plate when you eat.

In a survey conducted upon obese people, they found out that they usually prefer using larger plates than smaller or medium-sized ones. When you have a large plate, you have a large space to fill it with food. The more you eat, the more fat is deposited to your tummy. You will have to consider to use small plates and resist the urge to go back and forth to the table when you’re already full.

3. Eating late at Night.

When you recline on your stomach after eating late at night, the gravity can’t pull down the food down to your stomach resulting in acid reflux and indigestion. It is recommended to eat smaller meals at night and wait for 2-3 hours before lying to bed.

4. Stress Eating.

Try to grab a healthy fruit or healthy sandwiches if ever you find yourself searching for a stress reliever when your emotions are at peak.

healthy fruit
Pot belly fat – Grab a healthy fruit or ……..
healthy sandwitch
…. healthy sandwiches if ever you find yourself searching for a stress reliever

Sure, grabbing a cheeseburger and fries is satisfying, but you will end up carrying the weight of bulging belly.

5. Eating Low-fat foods.

Contrary to the belief of many, consuming monounsaturated fats since most manufacturers add more sugar to these products. More sugar means more fat.

6. Sleep Deprivation.

The prescribed amount of sleep for adults is 8-9 hours. So if ever you didn’t get enough sleep, your stress level hormones increase making you crave for more sugary foods – and yes, that means more fat.

sleeping hours
Pot belly fat – The prescribed amount of sleep for adults is 8-9 hours

The more you are aware of your bad habits, the more you can devise a way to tuck your tummy in. Aside from regular exercise, you may need to undertake a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Sugar intake may be bad enough for your tummy, but maybe having a little bit once in a while wouldn’t hurt. As long as you don’t do it regularly, you can get firm, healthy, and pot belly-free body.

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