Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

10 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

We have all tried a few fast diets and weight-loss solutions in order to shed those few extra pounds. But, we have quickly come to realize just how ineffective they are. As soon as the starvation period is over, the weight returns at the speed of light. And, sometimes we even gain more than we have lost. Not to mention that constant weight fluctuations tend to confuse the body and the risk of permanent health damage increases. If you truly want to lose weight, you need to understand that it takes time, commitment, determination and putting your health first. Therefore, here is a list of ten weight loss tips that will help you achieve the desired results in a permanent and healthy way:

1. Make wellness your goal

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking about this whole process as something you need to endure for a few months, and then it’s done. Wellness should become your lifestyle, not a short-term goal. The main point is to lose weight gradually. Creating a routine you will stick to long after the supposed diet is over. You need to learn about appropriate portion sizes. And, the importance of food groups in order to maintain this dietary lifestyle. You need to change your mindset first so that everything else can fall into place.

Weight Loss Tips - Make wellness your goal.
Weight Loss Tips – Make wellness your goal.

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2. No pain, no gain

This goes without saying, but you can’t get far without a good exercise plan. Taking into account that everybody is different, there is no set rule as to what form of exercise works best. The main thing is to find a fitness routine which suits you. Doing something you love, instead of something you have to, is a great motivator for maintaining this lifestyle. Even busy mothers can take some time out of their schedule to enjoy a group mum and bubs fitness class a few times a week.

3. Never cut anything out

If you find a diet which tells you to cut carbs or fat out completely, ignore it. All macronutrients are important for your healthcarbs are the primary source of your energy, and fats strengthen your immune system and help you absorb vitamins and minerals more easily. The key isn’t to deprive your body of these necessary nutrients, but to find the right balance and proportions.

Weight Loss Tips - Don’t clean your plate.
Weight Loss Tips – Don’t clean your plate.

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4. Eat larger meals, not snacks

We’ve all been told that the key to weight loss is eating frequently, in small amounts. However, it turns out that having fewer, larger meals might be a better way of losing weight after all, as our bodies burn more calories by processing one larger meal than many small ones. Opt for a bigger breakfast and lunch, and finish the day off with a smaller dinner.

5. Don’t clean your plate

When we enjoy a meal too much, we tend to keep eating even when our body tells us it’s had enough, which often leads us to eat much more than we actually need. Nutritionists believe that by leaving the last few bites on your plate, you can cut almost 200 calories a day. This helping you shed almost 10 pounds in six month’s time.

6. Opt for whole grains

Whole grain foods require more energy to break down, and their fibers even trap some of the calories before they can be stored as fat. Which is, why people who eat them tend to have slimmer figures. Try incorporating several servings of whole grains a day, and even add them to your snacks and desserts, for a healthier, more balanced diet.

Weight Loss Tips - Eat healthier versions of your usual meals.
Weight Loss Tips – Eat healthier versions of your usual meals.

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7. Eat healthier versions of your usual meals

It goes without saying that processed foods with lots of sugar and empty calories should not be a part of your diet. But creating a healthier version of regular meals you are already making could be a good starting point. Find better, healthier alternatives which are high in protein, fiber, and fats, and plan your meals around them. You will see an improvement in no time.

8. Plan ahead

It can be very difficult to prepare healthy meals when there are no healthy products in the fridge to choose from, which is why meal planning is always a good idea. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated; you can start by just writing down what you would like to eat for dinner each day of the week. Knowing what you will be cooking and when allows you to prepare the work efficiently and makes cooking healthy meals much easier.

9. Know when to go to bed

The most important thing you can do for your body is let it rest. Sleep deprivation can change your fat cells and hinder your body’s ability to use insulin properly, which leads to the storage of fat in all the wrong places. Lack of sleep can also make you crave food even more. This is why you should always try to wake up rested and energized.

Weight Loss Tips - Hire professional help
Weight Loss Tips – Hire professional help

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10. Hire professional help

Hiring a personal trainer or a nutritionist can make weight loss much easier and faster. You don’t need to do everything by yourself; just take your time and remember that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.




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