Weight Loss And Calories

Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss And Calories

Different people have different fitness goals depending on their wants and needs. Some people want to gain more muscle, others want to improve a certain body part, while many just want to get fitterHaving said that, weight loss is by far and away the most common fitness goal out there. It’s also a fitness goal people find incredibly hard to achieve. Which is strange because the formula for weight loss is actually fairly straightforward. It revolves around calories, and I’ll explain things to you in more detail right now. What you need to know about weight loss and calories.

What Is A Calorie?

First and foremost, what is a calorie? We tend to associate them negatively, but you may be shocked to know a calorie is simply energy. Everything we eat and drink contains energy, and the amount of energy it contains is measured in kilocalories. That’s why you should always look for the kCAL amount when checking the nutritional value of foods.    

Know About Weight Loss And Calories
Know About Weight Loss And Calories

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How Do Calories Relate To Weight Loss?

So, how does a calorie relate in any way to weight loss? After all, it’s just energy, so it can’t really be bad, can it? This is where things get about as complicated as they’ll get in this article. Yes, calories are energy, and giving your body energy isn’t a bad thing at all. However, excess calories will get stored in our body as fat, which is definitely a bad thing.

This is where the relationship between weight loss and calories comes into play. If you consume too many calories, you’ll end up with way more than your body needs. So, all these extra calories nestle themselves away as fat cells in your body. As a result, you begin to gain weight. Overeating on one or two days isn’t going to be an issue, it’s when you constantly overeat that you have weight problems.

Things don’t stop there, as you have something called a caloric deficit. Remember those two words as they’re the most important thing in this entire guide. A caloric deficit is when you use up more calories than you consume. If this happens, you will start to lose weight.

Therefore, we have the formula for weight loss right here; burn more calories than you consume, and enter a caloric deficit.

Ingrain this into your mind as it is the only way you will lose weight! For the next two sections, I’m going to teach you how you can make this formula happen. I’ll start by showing you how to lower your calorie intake.   

Weight Loss And Calories - How Do You Reduce Your Calorie Intake?
Weight Loss And Calories – How Do You Reduce Your Calorie Intake?

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How Do You Reduce Your Calorie Intake?

Most people struggle with this part more than burning calories. It can be hard to lower your calorie intake as you still want to eat enough food to feel nourished and energized. One thing you could do is follow a low-calorie diet. Doing this will provide you with a meal plan that’s specifically designed to have a small calorie intake. I do recommend you see how others review a low-calorie diet before starting one. You don’t want to be conned into a fad diet that doesn’t work. What I like about this idea is it takes all the work out of your hands. Your calories are counted for you, there’s nothing to worry about, just follow.

Another idea I find very successful is to replace certain ingredients with things containing fewer calories. Instead of a typical sandwich, swap out bread for flatbread. It’s thinner and contains fewer calories. If you want spaghetti, swap out the regular stuff for courgette. Again, fewer calories, but you can still have the same meal.    

Weight Loss And Calories - How Do You Burn Calories?
Weight Loss And Calories – How Do You Burn Calories?

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How Do You Burn Calories?

Using up, or burning, calories is extremely straightforward. There’s no rocket science involved, you simply have to move. The more you move, the more calories you burn! Exercise is the best way to burn calories, high-intensity exercise to be specific. Spend at least thirty minutes a day doing vigorous exercise, and you can use up loads of calories.

Likewise, try and avoid being lazy and driving everywhere. Get a bike and cycle, this can help you use up so many extra calories every day. Or, at the very least, power walk everywhere.

Okay, now it’s time to sum everything up into one short paragraph. So, calories are energy that gets stored as fat when we consume more than our body uses in a day. This causes weight gain. Then, when you burn more than you consume, you enter a caloric deficit. This causes weight loss. It’s really that simple, just work on managing your calorie intake and burning as much as possible.”

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