Waist size and age are two growing physical factors of men. A lot of men will carry the excess beer belly as they reach the mid-age. As some women may call the dirty old man look or the husband, and it’s not going to be looking good in bed and action. Big tummy means slow performance and low appeal. Medical studies also say that men’s tummy with a circumference of 40 inches is more prone to chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A way to reducing your waist size is by losing body fat. Solely reducing fat in the belly area is a total myth. A low-calorie diet paired with regular waist reducing exercises for men can stop the damage of confidence done by an over 40 plus inches waistline.

Fortunately, cardiovascular activity and toning with strengthening exercises, and minding what you eat will be the keys for you, which you can take in your journey in reducing your waist size.

Run, Run, Run.

Jonathan Lewis had produced a running program that will help you achieve a running disposition of running 30 seconds non-stop in the eighth week. Running is the most convenient, safest, cheapest, and most applicable to everyone kind of slimming workout for men. 

Waist reducing exercises - run or jog
running or jogging …….

Your schedule: Go regularly running for at straight three days a week and a one-day interval every week.

First Week:

The first week run or jog for minutes, then follow thru with a walk for 90 seconds. Repeat eight times. This will take you 20 minutes of your day.

Second Week:

The second-week run or jog for 2 minutes, walk for a minute. Repeat seven times. This will take 21 minutes of your day. Take a time to slow down and you can measure if you are still able if you can hold a conversation while doing a routine

Third Week:

The third week start to run or jog for 3 minutes, walk for another minute. Perform this six times. This will take 24 minutes of your day.

Waist reducing exercises - walking
…… walking …..

Fourth Week:

The fourth-week run or jog for 5 minutes, walk for another 2 minutes. Repeat four times. This is a 28-minute routine now but still, you can take some pause if you are feeling exhausted. At this point, you will not feel too exhausted when doing some running in a long period; still, keep in mind to stick to the schedule.

Fifth Week:

The fifth-week run or jog for 8 minutes, walk for another 2 minutes. Repeat three times. This is going to be a 30-minute running routine for you.

Sixth Week:

The sixth week now runs straight for 12 minutes, walk for a minute. Repeat three times. If it is possible to run on a slope for more challenge and calories burning experience.

Waist reducing exercises - running
……. running

Seventh Week:

The seventh week run nonstop for 15 minutes, take a minute walk, run for another nonstop 15 minutes.

Eight Week:

The eight weeks start to run for 30 minutes nonstop. Maintain running every day for 30 minutes and you’ll shed the fats and reduce your waist size in no time.

Cardio Exercise to Burn Calories for waist reducing exercises

Centers for Disease Control Prevention suggested that a 30-minute cardiovascular activity for straight five days a week is a way for slimming workouts for men. This should also be accompanied by strength training with at least two days. Cardiovascular activity is one of the best waist trimming exercises for men.

Even though, a cardiovascular activity would be brisk walking or jogging to bicycling, swimming, and jumping rope that is not your idea of waist reducing exercises for men, the fact is. It is usually the belly that goes down first. For moderate cardiovascular exercise, you need to maintain 150 minutes every week, for intense cardiovascular you should aim 75 minutes a week. You do not have to be an athlete to do this kind of activity, a fancy walk with your loved one after dinner, or joining a fun run to suffice your weekly goal of aerobic activity can do for slimming workouts for men.

In a cardiovascular exercise with strength training, you must be able to work out all your muscle groups both upper and lower groups. For capacity management, you should still be able to talk all through your chosen routine, and you should also be able to use your full weight to avoid any repetitions of any set. This is a sure way for waist trimming exercises for men.

Targeted Abdominal Exercises

Waist reducing exercises
Abdominal-strengthening exercises won’t handle belly fat

Abdominal-strengthening exercises won’t handle belly fat; they only reinforce the muscles beneath that deposit of fat. A best waist trimming exercise would include a full-body, strength-training routine. Building muscle tissue strength would also affirm better metabolism and uses more calories. Doing core workouts alone will only cost you a bigger tummy since the muscles beneath are going to push your fat forward. Here are some of the best waists-trimming exercise:

Oblique Crunches

Oblique Crunches

These muscles along the sides of your waist are the spot target of this exercise; they are called the obliques. Oblique crunches can be great for reducing waist size and promote a sexier, tighter look. To execute a fundamental oblique crunch, lie down on your side with knees slightly bending. Put one hand behind your head as support and move your body up while you try to reach your elbow to the ceiling. Do at least 10- 20 crunches on each side.

Trunk Twists

Trunk twists are one more advantageous waist trimming exercise

Trunk twists are one more advantageous waist trimming exercise for promoting a reducing and slimmer waist and abdomen. Stand with your feet at a distance of a hip-width then lift your arms directly out to your sides, maintaining them at shoulder level. Do some right twist, the movement should start from your waist, and not your hips. Face towards your right shoulder, but maintain your hips facing forward. Go back to the center and twist to the left. Perform 20 to 25 repetitions.

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