To The Muffin Top, Say Goodbye

Wave Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top

If you’re determined to finally say goodbye to the muffin top that has haunted you for too long then you know that you need to make some serious changes to your lifestyle. You need to eat right, snack better, sleeps more and just do everything you can because no one element is going to work alone.

But while we all know what constitutes healthy eating, and we all know when we are cheating ourselves, not all of us know which workouts burn fat the fastest and get rid of calories faster than the old you could have licked chocolate off your fingers.

Well, below is a list of the best fat burning exercises for you to try your hand at. But remember, more often than not, the workout that burns the most calories is the one that you enjoy doing.    

Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top – Zumba.

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We can’t have a list of fat burning workouts that comments on the need to smile without including Zumba. This is basically your chance to dance yourself thin, going absolutely wild to some chart-topping songs and leaving each session at least 10lbs lighter. Seriously, a 36-minute session of dancing wildly in your brightest leggings will burn about 380 calories. That’s got to keep you smiling long after you stop dancing.   

Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top - Pilates.
Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top – Pilates.

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Pilates alone can burn anywhere between 4 and 8 calories a minute, which is enough figure-throwing to make anyone give it ago. Of course, a lot of people drop out of pilates because it wasn’t right for them. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll see from, there are always trends cropping up within the pilates banner, a lot of which could be more suited to you and your need to smile.    

Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top - Running.
Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top – Running.

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Sometimes the oldest workouts are the best workouts, which is certainly the case with running. Look, we know it is not for everyone, and the amount of effort it requires can be off-putting, but give it a go. Try pushing yourself to run a little bit every day. And work up toward being able to run for an hour three times a week. Trust us, an hours run can burn over 1000 calories if you push yourself. This means an hours run can get rid of that belly. The only exercise which matches this is, well, using a jump-rope, which could be way more fun.    

Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top - Rollerblading.
Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top – Rollerblading.

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Yeah, we’re of the opinion too, that running can be immensely dull. But there is a kind of running, which not is running, and you can burn calories while ensuring your smile; it’s rollerblading. Yup. This is intense in the most fun way possible. Don’t believe us, then just look at this article by Of course, the more you treat it like exercise, the better.     

Bye-Bye To The Muffin Top – Spinning.

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How often do we see photographs of David Beckham leaving his SoulCycle class looking, well, handsome, yes, but also exhausted? If it’s good enough for him it has to be good enough for us. What you do is, you sit on a stationary bike and you go hell for leather for about half an hour, and then you stop, but you stop feeling about 600 calories lighter. It is ferocious and exhausting and uncompromising, but it is seriously good.

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