Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline

Men! These Three Items Can Help You Shrink Your Waistline!

If exercising to lose weight were easy, no one would ever struggle now, would they? Unfortunately, as many of us know through our own experience, it can be something of a challenge to get up off the couch and get our bodies moving day after day. However, there are three items that you can purchase that can help you do just that! Read on to find out what they are.

A scale

Now, scales are something of a controversial item in the weight loss arena. With some folks suggesting that it is too easy to become obsessed with the numbers rather than how you actually feel in your body. This is, in fact, a valid point for people that struggle with the obsessive nature of food and weight loss. Meaning for them the scales might be best avoided.

Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline - A Scale.
Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline – A Scale.

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Although for those that don’t suffer from these issues there is no reason why a scale purchased and sensibly used once a week can actually help with their weight loss or maintenance routine. After all, we need to know where we have started, to measure how far we have come. For the best results use electronic scales, or better yet one that measures body fat and fat distribution.

A bike

It is amazing what a difference a little regular exercise can make. We’re not talking taking an aerobics class every day here either. But, just a short session like riding your bike to work instead of taking the car can have a massive impact on weight loss and fitness.  

Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline - A Bike.
Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline – A Bike.

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Of course, to be able to do this you need to have a bike in the first place, and you can find some great reviews of the best bikes for men online to help you make your choice. Although, it is helpful to remember that if you are looking to ride your bike on the commute to work, as well as out in the countryside at the weekend, a hybrid version is often the best choice over a fixed speed or mountain bike.

A fitness wearable

Next, an item that will appeal to all you gadget fans out there and can help you shrink your waistline is a fitness wearable. These usually come in the form of wristbands that are designed to be worn all day. They record data such as the number of steps you have walked in a day, the amount and intensity of your exercise, and the quality sleep you have had each night.  

Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline - A fitness wearable.
Three Items To Shrink Your Waistline – A fitness wearable.

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You can also get versions that allow you to enter your water consumption and calorie or macro intake for the day via an app on your phone. You can even track your habits over time and identify where you could make improvements.

All these functions making a lot easier to track and hold yourself accountable for your exercise and healthy eating regime. Something that can have a huge positive effect on both getting the weight off in the short- term and keeping it off over the long-term.

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