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What Happens To Your Body When You Start Working Out Regularly

Leading an active lifestyle is not something that comes overnight. It takes discipline and dedication to build up a viable routine that will bring benefits and make you feel good about yourself. However, if you are dissuaded by so much effort, don’t be. From the moment, that you start working out regularly, you will feel that the advantages are astonishing.

An increasing number of people who started participating in fitness activities and recreation can attest to that. It doesn’t matter if you want to build up a muscle, lose weight or stay fit, physical activity will also keep you healthy and chase away a lot of conditions. So, check out what actually happens to your body when you break a sweat and start working out regularly.

One day of working out

After your first day of working out, you will also feel a certain change in your body. Of course, you won’t observe any bodily changes except for the soreness of muscles, but that is a good thing. Also, remember to take it slow and don’t overexert yourself so you wouldn’t get injured or dissuaded to continue.

Start Working Out - Feel the benefits in everyday life.
Start Working Out – Feel the benefits in everyday life.

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The higher blood flow will make you feel more focused and awake. Which, will help you feel invigorating the whole day. However, you will also notice that your mood is better and this is directly connected to that pain in your muscles you are feeling. Namely, your brain will produce chemicals like endorphins to deal with that pain. But, it will also create euphoria and help you become more dedicated.

You will be in the great mood the rest of the day thanks to these endorphins, but also you will start burning more energy. Your body will start transforming fat and protein into glucose to meet the higher energy demands. And this will start depleting your fat storage the more and more you work out.

One week of working out

It doesn’t take long to improve your energy and after a few workouts, you will start experiencing this. Based on recommendations by prominent organizations like WHO and CDC, exercising 30 minutes every day is beneficial on many levels and will make you healthier. Thus, one week of working out regularly will increase mitochondria in your cells who are responsible for generating energy.

This will make future exercises easier since you will feel more energized and stronger. Additionally, these mitochondria are responsible for protecting your cells. So, your overall health will be improved.

One month of working out

By the one month of working out regularly, your muscle mass has changed and you will start noticing it. Also, your muscles will become stronger and able to endure more exercise and weight. As a result, you will also develop an increased metabolic rate and start burning more calories.

But this is not something that will only happen while working out. It will continue even when you are resting. Because your metabolism will work more 24/7, you will lose weight more easily. You also need to adjust your diet to avoid low blood sugar or overeating.

Since now you became fitter, it’s time to increase the intensity, use heavier weights and prolong cardio. This will again produce more endorphins and make you feel better and readier for this change in work out regime. Also, you will feel the benefits in everyday life while climbing the stairs or going for a long walk.

Start Working Out - You will feel much better.
Start Working Out – You will feel much better.

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Six months of working out

If you have managed to work out for this long, then it’s highly unlikely you will give up now. Research shows that people who quit working out do it before the six-month period. After that, they will in most cases continue with the regime and develop lasting desire to exercise.

This is also the period when all the hard work is finally starting to show which will only provide additional motivation to continue. Basically, if you did any weight lifting, it will get you a lot of praise from your surrounding since the muscle growth will be apparent. This is an empowering moment so draw strength and determination from these compliments.

Additionally, your endurance will be greater and you can feel free to set some new working out goals and challenges. Star using heavier weights or make the exercises more difficult in order to get new results and continue shaping and toning of your body and stamina. Furthermore, this is also the time to adjust the diet so make sure to consult a nutritionist and eat appropriately.

When it comes to your overall health, this is also the time to have a physical exam and blood analysis to see if you need to take certain vitamins and how your body is taking the work out. If you had high blood pressure, you should experience the decrease and a resting heart rate. This is a good thing and it will lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, but also preserve your blood vessels and make you feel energized.

One year of working out

By now, you will notice that you feel more comfortable in your body and that it started to shape considerably. This is the period when you will see if any of the changed may need some plastic and reconstructive surgery like sagging skin or persistent fat. Also, this is time to have another visit to your doctor and have an examination to check your health status.

Start Working Out - Check your health status.
Start Working Out – Check your health status.

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However, don’t be surprised if your doctor wants to measure your bone density since this is the best period for your skeletal system. If you did weight lifting, running or stair climbing, then you will certainly experience positive benefits for the bones and improved density which will lower the instance of fractures.

The changes to your body after a year of working out regularly also include a lower risk of developing dementia and diabetes, as well as cancer and heart-related conditions. This means that with every workout you are increasing the quality of life and make yourself healthier.

All in all

It will take time to observe big changes. But even after one day of work out you will experience some benefits. Your body will slowly change and improve when you start working out regularly. The advantages, you will feel, are far fetching and will affect your overall health. Just don’t give up when it gets hard because that the best moment to go on and to welcome the new you.

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The post was written by  Mia Johnson

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