Personal Best: Your Fitness Recordings

Personal Best: Your Fitness Recordings

Keeping fit is never an easy task. From the grueling time, you’ll have to spend at the gym, to the work you’ll have to do on your diet, it will seem like this lifestyle choice is truly dominating your existence. Of course, along with the work which directly impacts your body, there is also a lot of monitoring to do. Without the right records, it will be impossible to keep track of how you’re doing with your pursuit, how you can record your personal best. So, to help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the considerations you’ll have to make when you’re starting out in this area.

To begin, it’s a good idea to think about the reasons you have for keeping a strict record of your fitness, as this will make it a lot easier to stick to it. It can be hard to know if the workouts you’re engaged in are hard enough to improve you, or if you’re wasting your time. Having solid records will make it a lot easier to keep track of your success at the gym. While this will give you the chance to make sure you’re working hard enough, it will also be a good motivating tool. By setting goals for yourself, you can turn your exercises into a game, and this is an excellent way to make it more fun.

Sort Of Information

The sort of information you record for yourself will depend on the exercises you’re doing. This means that you will have to tailor your recordings to your time at the gym, using different tools to handle it for you. Below, you can find some examples of the different areas people like to keep an eye on, along with their best use cases. Of course, you may have other areas which you like to keep an eye on alongside these main examples.    

Personal Best - Have a good idea of your weight.
Personal Best – Have a good idea of your weight.

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  • Weight:

Whenever you’re working on your body, whether it’s cardio or weight workouts, it’s important to have a good idea of your weight. This will give you a good idea of your success without having to go very far, as most gyms have scales which you can use, and home versions can be found very cheaply. When you’re working it hard, it can be worth weighing yourself a couple of times a day, in the morning and evening. This will give you a very good picture of your weight over a couple of months.


  • Size:

For some avid fitness freaks, weight won’t be the only important factor, with size being very important to a lot of people engaged in weight and strength exercises. It can be hard to learn how to measure your arms, torso, and legs, but you can read it here on Tone Body Fitness, making it much easier to get yourself on the right track. Size isn’t everything when you’re trying to get stronger, but it will certainly feel good to see yourself getting bigger as the days go by.


  • BMI:

On the other side of the coin, there are a lot of people out there much more interested in the fitness side of their exercise. There isn’t a scale out there which can measure your fitness, and you have to apply it practically to get a good idea. Instead, a BMI scan measures the balance of muscle, fat, and other elements in your body. A doctor is the best person to perform this for you, but you might be able to find machines which can give you a rough idea of how you’re doing.

Personal Best - Endurance.
Personal Best – Endurance.

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  • Endurance:

Now, it’s time to think about the ways that fitness can be measured, and where you can get yourself checked. A simple workout, like a beep test, can be enough to determine how much stamina you have, and you will often be able to take it at your local gym. This will require the help of a personal trainer, but this will be worth it as you see your times get better and better in the fitness games you perform. Of course, a race could also do the trick, but you’ll need some competitors to make this work.


  • Strength:

Along with your fitness, a lot of people will want to have an idea of the strength they’re managing to cultivate. This is one of the easiest areas to monitor, as you always know exactly how much you’re lifting, and this makes it incredibly easy to record. A lot of people make the mistake of pushing themselves too hard when they are going for new goals. Your body will get there eventually, you just have to keep working hard to achieve it.   

Personal Best - Always know exactly how much you’re lifting.
Personal Best – Always know exactly how much you’re lifting.

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  • Other Goals:

With all of the different exercises, sports, and modern goals people have out there, it can be very hard to figure out exactly what to record. In most cases, the most important area to consider is the goals you’ve set for yourself, as these will give you the basis for your recordings. By keeping an idea of where you were at each stage, you will make it much easier to plot how you’re doing. Of course, alongside this, you’re going to need somewhere to keep your recordings.


In the modern world, there are loads of ways to accomplish this goal, and most of them can be found in the comfort of your sofa. It’s very important to consider the methods you choose at this stage. Below, you can find three examples of the tools you should be aiming for, followed by some examples of those to avoid. 

Personal Best - There are loads of fitness apps out there.
Personal Best – There are loads of fitness apps out there.

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  • Mobile Apps:

Nowadays, it’s safe to assume that most people have a smartphone of some kind, and this opens you up to a world of excellent tools. There are loads of fitness apps out there which can be used completely free, giving you the chance to try a range and get the best for you. A lot of people find it much easier to use a device like this than a computer, given the extra portability.


  • Online Resources:

Along with the apps, you find on your phone, there are loads of fitness blogs out there with the tools to help you on your path to fitness. Giving you access to new diets, routines, and ways to monitor your fitness, this sort of resource can be perfect when you’re starting out. Of course, though, before you trust something like this, it’s important to read some reviews.

Personal Best - Online Resources.
Personal Best – Online Resources.

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  • Fitness Devices:

The tech in your pocket isn’t the only stuff worth considering, in the modern age. Smart bands and watches have been on the rise over the last few years, with loads of companies throwing their hat into the ring. This has created a market which is filled with great value options which offer loads of potential. In some cases, they may even be able to handle most of your recording for you.

Personal Best - Smart bands and watches.
Personal Best – Smart bands and watches.

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Of course, not everything can be a good way to record your fitness, and there are loads of methods out there which should be avoided. In most cases, this is because they are a waste of time, but you may also find yourself getting in trouble if you don’t follow the right rules. Below, you can find some examples of the sorts of tools to avoid.


  • Video:

Photos can make a great way to look back on your past self, reminding you of what you’ve worked so hard for. This can be taken too far, though, and video is a leap which a lot of people make. Unfortunately, for the sake of other people’s privacy, it’s not a good idea to record footage while at the gym. While at home, setting up a camera will be a lot of fuss, making it a waste of time for those on a limit.

Personal Best - Really is no need to touch a piece of paper during this process.
Personal Best – Really is no need to touch a piece of paper during this process.

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  • Pen & Paper:

In the world of digital devices, there really is no need to touch a piece of paper during this process. Keeping a paper record of your weight will almost certainly result in a loss at some point along the line, with this sort of option being incredibly fragile. Of course, sometimes, you may need to make a quick note, but this should always be transferred to something digital as soon as you can.


  • A Computer:

Finally, as the last option to avoid, most people will find it very hard to keep track of their fitness properly only by using a computer. Thanks to their size, you can’t really take a device like this out and about to the gym with you. Instead, any progress you make will have to wait until you get home, and this could leave you with numbers being lost. Instead, a mobile app enables you to take your records while still at the gym.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your fitness recordings. A lot of people find it hard to keep track of areas like this, ignoring a large portion of the tools they have at their disposal. With all of this in mind, though, you should have this problem. Instead, you have everything you need to start going down the path of recorded workouts.



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