Motivation To Exercise

Need More Motivation To Exercise?

We all know that regular exercise is healthy for us, but that’s generally not enough of a motivation to get us off the couch. Most of us need more encouragement to get us being active. Here are just a few forms of motivation that could help you to exercise regularly.

Create a routine

You may have vowed to go to the gym twice a week, but this is a hard rule to stick to if you haven’t got set days and times. Having a designated exercise time each week can help to motivate you.   

Motivation To Exercise - Create a routine.
Motivation To Exercise – Create a routine.

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On top of this, you should have an exercise regime. This could include running a certain distance via a certain route or using certain gym equipment in a certain order. Coming up with a routine should be your first step to getting motivated. That isn’t to say you can’t alter this routine – you should be progressing, so be prepared to tweak it from week to week.

Track your progress

On top of having a routine, tracking your progress is essential. You need to know how you’re improving from week to week so that you’re not just going through the motions. There are lots of ways to track your progress. Short-term tracking could include keeping a diary or a blog or using a fitness tracking app such as Strava. Long-term progress tracking could include weighing yourself or measuring your waistline or photographing yourself every month.  

Motivation To Exercise - Track your progress.
Motivation To Exercise – Track your progress.

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Train with someone

A training buddy can be useful for persuading you to exercise when you’re feeling demotivated. You, in turn, can persuade them when they’re not up for it. If you don’t have a friend that you can train with, you could consider hiring a personal trainer. Sites like Transform Personal Training can help you find personal trainers in your area. A third option could be to get involved in a group workout. Boot camps and spin classes are great ways to keep fit, whilst meeting new people and developing a camaraderie. They may not be great for those chasing individual fitness goals however as workouts can alter from week to week.    

Motivation To Exercise - Train with someone.
Motivation To Exercise – Train with someone.

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Stay warm and dry

When it comes to outdoor training, you’re more likely to sit inside when it’s cold and raining. There are several options to get around this. The first could be to buy waterproof and thermal equipment that makes going outside less uncomfortable. The second option is to find a means of training indoors. If you usually run, you could consider buying a treadmill or using your local gym. If you usually cycle, you could buy an exercise bike.    

Motivation To Exercise - Stay warm and dry.
Motivation To Exercise – Stay warm and dry.

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Give exercise a dual purpose

Some people like to focus all their energy on exercise, whilst others may find it hard to stay motivated without an ulterior purpose. There are lots of ways to combine exercise with daily tasks. You could start cycling locally to work rather than taking your car, or you could combine exercise with housework. Alternatively, you could find a way of entertaining yourself whilst exercising such as working out whilst catching up on your favorite TV series or listening to new music on your headphones as you jog.  




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