Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises

The 4 Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises

Many people believe that getting in shape is a herculean task, only available to those among us with the tremendous ability to religiously and deeply discipline ourselves. To some people, this might seem like too much of an ask, especially when accustomed to a life of comfort and overeating. Fortunately, that image of the staunchly disciplined person who must sacrifice everything to stay healthy is not true. It’s easy to see that in motivational videos, or in movies, the protagonist gives up everything to try and improve their frame, and this battle might seem overwhelming.

But in real life, exercise is a fun and exciting hobby, and unlike other hobbies, it lends freshness to every life activity you take part in. Even those steadfastly hard-working athletes who must overcome the most difficult of mental challenges to get through their work still ENJOY their discipline. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t take part in it.

If you’re a young guy or girl hoping to increase your muscle mass, flexibility, or simply stay healthy and trim, it’s likely that you feel much money needs to be spent to start on that path. Equipment, a gym membership, clothing, and the right nutrition must all be purchased before you can even think about getting in shape, right? WRONG! Only one of those considerations, the last one, requires you to make a wise investment. Even prisoners who are limited in their daily nutrition intake manage to exercise to a capacity that allows them to stay in relatively good shape. Some even become much stronger during this period, despite the lack of fancy goods to help them along the fitness journey. How? you ask yourself.

Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises.

The best are:      

Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises - Squats.
Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises – Squats.

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While barbell squatting is the de facto ergonomic exercise utilized by all forms of athlete to train the posterior chain and total body development/power, squatting without a bar is just as useful. Dropping down with your knees tracking over your toes in a shoulder-width stance and raising your hips to stand up. Repeating this until 3 x failure can help you build up your endurance in a major way. And, this also serves as a strong variant of cardio. In fact, those attempting to train their vertical leap or even improve the flexibility of their legs all make use of these exercises, with great results.    

Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises - Pull-Ups.
Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises – Pull-Ups.

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Pull-ups only require a bar. While these are usually inexpensive, it’s worth finding the best pull-up bars you can find, so they have a long lifespan and are the most stable. Pull-ups are the absolute best exercise for increasing your shoulder, back, and triceps development. There is simply no better excuse you can emulate with a barbell, even with the coveted compound lifts. Any good fitness regimen should include pull up training to some degree. Consider doing press-ups or chin-ups until you build the strength necessary to pull yourself up if struggling.  

Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises - Press Ups.
Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises – Press Ups.

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Press Ups

Press ups train the shoulders, lats, traps, biceps, and triceps, pectorals, abdominals, and forearms. It’s the easiest to begin, and the hardest to master. To press up well, drop to your knees and keep your back straight while holding yourself up with your hands. Keep your hands at least a few inches wider than shoulder-width, and drop down in a controlled way. Most effective bodyweight exercises are always improved by making use of the descent, as opposed to diving bombing down into it.     

Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises - Isometric exercises ( deadlift).
Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises – Isometric exercises ( deadlift).

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Isometric exercises are exercises that are held in place and static for a period, until failure or held for a certain amount of minutes. These can supplement a standard fitness schedule quite nicely. Martial arts legend Bruce Lee used to swear by isometric training workouts. Making the most of them using methods like the parallel squat, the deadlift (in which shoulders, arms, and back are trained isometrically.) In fact, certain studies suggest implementing an isometric exercise supplementation in your regimen can help you grow in strength by up to 10% a year. That’s nothing to be sniffed at.

If you keep these four exercises in your body weight regimen, you can be sure you’re on the right track.

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