Inversions – 5 Great Tips To Perform Safely

5 Great Tips on Performing Inversions Safely

Inversions are postures that make the person adopt an upside-down position such that the hips are above the heart and the heart is higher than the head. They are a target that most of those who practice yoga endeavor to achieve. Advanced inversions have a lot of benefits but also pose serious risks if not done correctly. However, there are simple versions suitable for novices that can help them move to the more advanced ones. To do inversions and other workouts, some great steroids can aid to enhance performance. You need not wonder where to get the steroids, just go to steroids online for sale SFX for the best deals on steroids to assist in exercising and doing inversions.

Below are some tips on how to safely perform inversions:       

Develop your balance - Standing on the head.
Develop your balance – Standing on the head.

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Develop your balance

It is obvious that standing on the head will require balance thus the need to build this skill so as to be confident when doing your home yoga inversions. The best and simple way of enhancing your balance is by working on your core. Using workouts such as sit-ups or using a balance board. Also, one-legged exercise like one-legged lunges will enhance your balance.

Train yourself on how to fall

It may sound frightening but learning to fall is actually a way of ensuring you perform safe yoga inversions at home. Resisting falling is so natural knowing how to fall correctly while performing complicated poses will minimize the chances of sustaining injuries. One should accept falls as part of the procedure of gaining confidence and becoming well-skilled doing conversions. Some tactics can be employed to minimize the effect of a fall on the body. It is advisable to always be flexible and loose so that when you fall the energy is spread throughout to lessen the damage. Also, you should fold your neck inwards if possible when falling and spread out your limbs.    

Train yourself on how to fall.
Train yourself on how to fall.

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Make the wall your friend

You may make use of the wall, to enhance balance, if you are not yet confident to perform inversions on your own at home. This is done by placing your head about eight inches from the wall with the feet resting on the wall to gain stability as the need may be. When you feel you are well balanced, you may remove your feet from the wall. Knowing you have the wall to support you in case of loss of balance.      

Start with beginners’ inversions - Such as ‘child’s pose’ ......
Start with beginners’ inversions – Such as ‘child’s pose’ ……

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Start with beginners’ inversions

You should progress gradually when doing the inversions at home even if you may have been confident performing complex poses in the presence of your instructor. This may help to minimize possible injuries. It is recommended that you start with simple inversions. Such as ‘child’s pose’, ‘downward facing dog pose’, ‘dolphin pose’, ‘up the wall pose’ and other simple poses. You can later move on to the more complicated ones when you have got confident with the simple ones.     

Remember to keep breathing well.
Remember to keep breathing well.

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Remember to keep breathing well

Holding your breath while in the upside position denies your muscles all the oxygen they need to maintain the pose. Muscles are not able to perform optimally due to insufficient oxygen that causes them to become tense. In addition, having good breathing pattern will help you to be alert and calm with the blood going fast into your head in the upside-down position.



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