How To Lose Weight To Hard Reach Places

How To Lose Weight In Those Hard To Reach Places

You workout and workout. Every day you push yourself to the limit. And, you can feel your whole body starting to sweat and ache during your routine. Because of your great discipline you’ve been consistently losing weight. You’ve dropped from t-shirt size to jean size, and you felt elated and relieved your commitment has paid off. However, when you look in the mirror one day, you see you’ve definitely slimmed down, but you still have a few awkward areas. For men, it’s usually the Buddha belly which refuses to go. And, for women, it’s the inside of the thigh and on the hips. And you are asking you, how to lose weight in those hard to reach places.  

How To Lose Weight - Muffin top.
How To Lose Weight – Muffin top.

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Muffin top

Muffin top is the affectionate term; however, it’s precisely the issue. No matter how many crunches and sit-ups you do. The little puff of fat around your belly button just won’t go. Regular workouts won’t flatten your belly, but stringent aerobic and strength-training exercises might just; if you’re not already, incorporate a high-intensity sprint at the end of your workouts, for about 30 seconds. Sometimes, it’s just your genetics, and the only way to get rid of the unwanted fat is to go on a professional weight management program.   

How To Lose Weight - Strength-training exercises.
How To Lose Weight – Strength-training exercises.

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Your body will be shocked into using reserve supplies of energy, mainly your buddha belly. Strength training, such as hardening your core with weighted bodyweight exercises is an excellent way to punish those stubborn remaining fat cells. You could lean backward over the lying calf extension machine, and with a rucksack of water jugs, do reverse sit-ups. This technique puts force on the lower abdomen and belly button area. The toughness of the core relinquishes the little mounds of white fat cells in the midsection.   

How To Lose Weight - The sitting leg press.
How To Lose Weight – The sitting leg press.

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Inner thighs for women

Women can be very self-conscious about their image. And, although you’ve been extremely dedicated, your body may not reflect your hard work. Your body reacts differently to some workouts, so trying something new may shock the body into reacting the desired way. If you’re already doing squats and calf extensions, but your inner thighs are still too soft and floppy in nature, the sitting leg press may hit your structure in the right way. As the less press is mainly putting pressure on your quads and glute area, the more reps you do, the mass-building exercise can turn into a cardio routine. The sitting position helps to take any pressure off the upper body, and purely focus on the legs; the largest muscle group at that. Your inner thighs should get a great burn as the soft adductor muscle gets a get workout session.   

How To Lose Weight - Abnormal outer hips.
How To Lose Weight – Abnormal outer hips.

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Abnormal outer hips

Also affectionately referred to as love handles, the outer hips is a touchy area for some women. The entirety of your body may be sculpted like a Greek goddess, but the hips are reluctant to shape how you want them to. Workouts such as standing side kick, burn out the outer thighs because the IT band is extended and angularly pronounced. This shapes the bottom area too. Side jumps are a good way to compress the hips. All the weight of your body goes onto your legs and hip joint area, as you form a squatting position repeatedly. The squat kick is perhaps the most effective but the most demanding. You get into a standing squat position, compress all the way down, and as you release upward, you kick out with one of your legs. Repeat this motion with the other leg simultaneously.

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