Why is everyone getting sick?  – Health wellness information is very important to achieve our desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, cardiovascular disease is the single leading cause of death worldwide and the coronary disease kills more than 7 million people worldwide each year. Cancer also kills more 6.7 million people every year according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Sad to say that more than 180 million people worldwide have diabetes. This number is likely to more than double by 2030. Wellness is achieved through a balance of good nutrition and exercise.

Health wellness information - plate full
Health wellness information – It doesn’t matter what you eat, just that you have enough.

Many people grew up eating well. Food is the guest of honor and covering so much in the table. Back then food meant security and comfort. It doesn’t matter what you eat, just that you have enough. Excess acidity, nutrient deficiency, and toxins overload are the common causes of why people get sick.

Wellness Plate-Your guide to eating right 

How big should your plate be? 8 inches in diameter for weight loss, 9 inches in diameter for weight maintenance and 10 inches in diameter for weight gain. The wellness plate should be made up of GO foods such as rice, pasta, corn, root crops, bread, noodles and cereals to energize.

Wellness Plate

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GROW foods such as fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, egg, beans, and nuts to build and repair. GLOW foods such as fruits and vegetables and milk to make your body work well. Some minerals and vitamins are essentials for the proper functioning of our immune system like Zinc, Iron and Vitamin C. Calcium helps build strong and healthy bones. 

Health wellness information - Try other cooking methods.
Health wellness information – Try other cooking methods. Image Source

Good to remember  

  • Eat a variety of foods every day and try other cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, broiling and minimize frying.

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.

  • For growth and repair of our body tissues consume fish, lean meat, poultry, egg, and nuts.

  • Drink milk and other calcium-rich foods such as small fish and shellfish for healthy bones and teeth.

Health wellness information - Protein

Health wellness information – Drink and eat calcium-rich foods

  • Limit intake of salty, fried, fatty, and sugar-rich food to prevent cardiovascular disease.

  • Season your food with herbs.  

  • Drink plenty of water.

    Drink plenty of water.
    Drink plenty of water.

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  • Find time to exercise every day.

  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet.

  • Take care of your skin.      

There are many health and nutrition articles that will help and guide us for our proper dietary needs. We need to be healthy.

We should also engage ourselves and learn how to get started in our fitness plan. The more you are active the more likely you are to experience the health benefits

For all that, health wellness information is important.

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