Get Your Body Back, What To Do

When Weight Loss Isn’t Enough To Get Your Body Back

So, you’ve taken the step of getting active, eating healthy and working your way back into shape. You’ve been burning off fat and losing weight. In a perfect world, that might be enough to get total control over your body once more. But, unfortunately, this is not that perfect world. Some types of fat are harder to shift, some of the effects of weight gain can stick around a lot longer. And, sometimes your body just seems determined to hold onto a little bit more here and there. So, what can you do when burning fat just isn’t enough, how to get your body back?   

Get Your Body Back - Liposuction.
Get Your Body Back – Liposuction.

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Targeting your weak spots

Your issue might be that it just seems like it’s harder to really shift weight in some spots. That is true. While you might be losing weight overall, your body can store more fat in one area than others. We all have at least one weak spot that we’re not entirely fond of. So, what can you do? Unfortunately, without drastic measures like liposuction, you can’t exactly target where you burn fat. However, you can change the ratio of fat to muscle by targeting muscle growth instead. By working out those hard-to-reach places, a little extra muscle might add a layer of definition and firmness to those weak spots so that that stubborn fat isn’t as noticeable or as much an issue. 

Get Your Body Back - A gastric band.
Get Your Body Back – A gastric band.

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Go on the offensive

Diet and exercise aren’t always enough, however. If fat is causing you significant concern for your health, then a more immediate solution might help you get the upper hand you need to start with such as a gastric band. While they can cause problems such as nausea and discomfort, they can be a hugely effective portion control tool for many. Then you have those hard-to-lose deposits of fat that don’t seem to go no matter how much you diet or exercise. Cold laser fat reduction treatment can help target things like cellulite that otherwise you would have a much harder time shifting. For more inconsequential cases of cellulite, getting the right massage can help break it down, too.     

Get Your Body Back - Removing excess skin.
Get Your Body Back – Removing excess skin.

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Your battle scars

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, there’s going to be a significant chance that you have stretch marks and loose skin on your body. To a lot of people with them, they might be considered unsightly and can have a big impact on confidence. There are surgeries that can reduce them by removing excess skin and stretching over the loose patches. With stretch marks, there are no 100% effective ways of erasing them entirely. However, laser treatment can help reduce the inflammation and ruddiness that makes them more visible. They can fade drastically over time, so long as you keep yourself well-hydrated and you use topical creams like retinol which can help regenerate your skin much quicker.

It might take more work, a little investment, and careful maintenance of a routine. However, there are options to help to get your body back you once enjoyed. Never feel like you have no way forward.

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