First Time Going To The Gym?

First Time Going To The Gym?

If you’ve never gone to the gym before, whether that be from nerves, or you just never had the time. Why not start now? Even if it’s just an hour out of your day – that’s enough to start seeing improvement, so there’s no excuse! But before you get your butt in there, you will need some supplies. So here’s a list of everything that you will need to hit the gym, to prepare the way for the first time going to the gym.

First Time Going To The Gym - Towel
First Time Going To The Gym – Towel

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You’re going to get real sweaty – that’s a fact. Which is a really good thing because essentially, you are sweating out all the toxins from your body. But you don’t want to be dripping everywhere, not only is it unhygienic – but it’s gross too. So if you have your own little towel with you, you can wipe yourself down when the need is, as well as the equipment you’ve just used. Think of it as the common courtesy for the next person that’s about to use it.

If you’re extra hot, you can soak the towel in cold water beforehand, rinse it out and then throw it around the back of your neck for instant relief.    

 Water bottle.
First Time Going To The Gym – Water bottle.

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Water bottle

Because of all that sweating, you will end up being very dehydrated if you don’t drink any liquids. So keep a water bottle at hand for when you have a spare thirty seconds, and top it up when it’s empty; otherwise, you just won’t bother, and this isn’t good!

You can even invest in something a little fancier so you don’t have to keep unscrewing the lid on and off. You can just suck, and the water will flow up into your mouth.  

Footwear and Clothes.
First Time Going To The Gym – Footwear and Clothes.

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You can’t go to the gym in jeans and a shirt. You know that right? You’re going to need some appropriate gym clothing to workout in. This can be anything from leggings and a crop top (ladies) to shorts and a tank top. Bear in mind you need to be able to move freely, without any restrictions, so don’t choose something too tight that digs into your sides. It’s all about comfort and support.

Same goes for your footwear. Get some sneakers that have a good grip and support you while you’re exercising. The more flexible the shoes are – the better they will be to workout in.  

First Time Going To The Gym - A bag big enough to hold all of your supplies in.
First Time Going To The Gym – A bag big enough to hold all of your supplies in.

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Now, of course, you’ll need a bag big enough to hold all of your supplies in. You will want it to be relatively easy to carry because it’s one thing walking into the gym with it. It’s another thing being exhausted, with your body feeling like jelly, trying to carry a bag full of stuff. So something that can be put on your back, evenly distributing the weight, is what you’ll want, or even something on wheels.

If you shop online, there are actually sites where you can customize luggage. So, if you want to get your name or a fancy slogan on the side of your bag – you totally can. At least you won’t risk losing it or get it muddled up with someone else’s.

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