Exercises You Can Do At Home

Five Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you have limited time and cannot get to the fitness center, but would like to keep up with your workout routine, or you can’t afford a gym membership, you have no more excuses. There are several exercises you can do at home, even if you have limited space, without equipment. Below you will find a few ideas on how to design your morning or evening workout schedule if all you have is a little floor space.   

Exercises You Can Do At Home
Exercises You Can Do At Home

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1. Sit-Ups

You can do sit-ups anywhere. There are several variations you can try depending on your fitness level and the space available. One of the best ways of training your abs is lying halfway on your bed and going lower in the beginning, pulling up yourself with your abs muscles. Obviously, if you do have a spare room, you can also create a home gym design that will include a bench for sit-ups and some back support to protect your lower back.  

Exercises You Can Do At Home - Yoga.
Exercises You Can Do At Home – Yoga.

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2. Yoga

All you need to do this exercise is a mat (or floor space), and a few yoga blocks, balls. You can practice various forms of yoga from home, even Yoga combined with HIIT so you get the maximum results and can increase your heart rate, relax your muscles, and warm up in the beginning, so you are able to prevent injuries often associated with high intensity interval training.

3. Squats

You will only need the floor to do squats, and work out your entire body. Some people believe that Velcro weights on the ankles and the wrist can help them get more results at the same time. Start with regular squats while you are watching TV. And, once you have improved your strength and stamina you can move on to more challenging versions. If you are a yoga lover, you will find that starting from chair pose and taking your hips well back will help you prevent knee joint pain.   

Exercises You Can Do At Home - Squats and Burpees.
Exercises You Can Do At Home – Squats, and Burpees.

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4. Burpees

Everyone has a favorite type of burpee. Consider the space you have available, and your strength when you set your initial number of reps. If you don’t want to get bored or want to exercise different joints and muscle areas, you can change the burpee you do in the morning to warm up regularly. The good news is that when you are exercising at home, nobody will judge you if you need to take a break or your posture is not perfect.

5. Weight Lifting Exercises

While you might think that weight lifting can only be practiced in a safe fitness center environment, you can find some great compact machines you can set up in the corner of your room or even the garage. This form of exercise is challenging and helps you stay focused and motivated, by allowing you to set new targets for each week. It is, however, important that you talk to a health professional before you start pushing you further.   

Exercises You Can Do At Home - Weight Lifting Exercises.
Exercises You Can Do At Home – Weight Lifting Exercises.

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If you have a bit of floor space or a spare room, you can save time and money by exercising at home.



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