Effective Weight Loss Methods

Effective Weight Loss Methods When Nothing Else Has Worked

Our relationship with food is complex, and if you struggle with your weight you’ll know there’s so much more to it than ‘eat less, move more‘. Food is often an emotional crutch, a coping mechanism even. Eating too much or the wrong food can be a result of busy lifestyles or bad habits, or sometimes just ignorance. Many foods out there are labeled as healthy choices. When actually, if you look closely at the label, they’re no better than junk food. The trouble is, as humans we’re programmed to seek out and enjoy the food. But, modern lifestyles mean we no longer have to work to get it. And, have constant access to things that are far too high in fat, salt, and sugar.

Maybe you’ve always been overweight, or perhaps your weight has crept up in recent years. Chances are you’ve been on countless diets, maybe you’ve had some success. But you have returned back to old habits and gained the weight back. Or, maybe you struggle even making it through a couple of days of eating less. Either way, it can be disheartening to really want to lose the weight and feel like you’re unable to do so. However, there are a few effective weight loss methods you can try.

Ketosis Diets

These are meal replacement diets that force your body into a state called ketosis. When you limit your carbohydrates, your body runs out of fuel for energy so switches to burning its own fat supplies instead. The great thing about reaching this state is that you no longer suffer from hunger pangs or the cravings that come from carbohydrates spiking your blood sugar. You’ll usually eat three to four meal replacement food packs a day which is formulated with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. The first four days can be very tough since your body is running out of carbohydrates and will send strong signals to your brain to eat- but if you can push past this by day four or five you will be feeling fantastic.

Effective Weight Loss Methods - Low Carbing.
Effective Weight Loss Methods – Low Carbing.

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While you will still experience ‘emotional hunger’ you will soon learn the difference between real and fake hunger. And, can quite happily survive on just the packs. This is great for those who have an obsession with food as it allows you to go cold turkey on it. There’s no preparing food, shopping for it or weighing it out. You know exactly what you can have and it can ‘reset’ your attitudes towards it. These diets allow you to lose a stone a month, this kind of quick progress can be very motivating. If you can commit a few months of your life to follow the plan. Then, you could get the figure you always wanted and massively slash your health risks.

Low Carbing

Low carb also works by putting your body into ketosis. But, on a regular low carb plan, you eat actual food. Plans like Atkins and other ketogenic diets are based on high fat and high protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy with limited amounts of vegetables. You won’t be consuming any carbs including bread, sugar or fruit so it’s not as easy as it sounds. And, some people quickly get fed up with the rich meats and fats. But if you can stick it out it does work. While results won’t be as quick as meal replacement packs it does allow you to eat actual food. There are lots of recipes and you can even have meals in restaurants adapted so you don’t lose your social life too.   

Effective Weight Loss Methods - Bariatric Surgery.
Effective Weight Loss Methods – Bariatric Surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery

If nothing else has worked and you have a significant amount of weight to lose, bariatric surgery is likely to be a good option for you. There are different procedures you can have done from weight loss ‘balloons’ which are inflated in the stomach to gastric sleeves, bypasses, and lap bands. Head of surgery at Bay Bariatrics, Dr. Steven Tersigni says that although they do offer the lap band surgery as an option they don’t openly advertise it because the other procedures tend to have fewer complications in the long term. You would need to do thorough research and speak to your surgeon to decide on the best course of action for you.

If you’re struggling with your weight, consider these three effective weight loss methods. Losing weight is incredibly difficult. But, once you manage it your health will improve dramatically. And, you can even add years to your lifespan.




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