Eat Before A Workout

Eat Before A Workout: Is It Necessary?

Anybody who is pursuing a fitness routine has undoubtedly felt the occasional stomach rumble while at the gym. So, do you eat a snack to get optimal results from your workouts? Or, do you avoid food so that you don’ experience stomach cramps? The type of exercise that you do and your objectives will determine whether you should eat before a workout or not.  

Eat Before A Workout - Or Not?
Eat Before A Workout – Or Not?

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If your aim is to build muscle, eating prior to working out is crucial. But, you should ensure that you don’t overeat. If you do not eat to provide fuel for your exercises, your muscle tissues may be broken down into glucose in order to provide the energy required. For weight loss, you do not necessarily have to eat. However, remember that whatever you do, you should prioritize growth and repair of muscle tissues. The use of Somatropin from steroide shop, an injectable human growth hormone, can boost the growth and recovery of muscle tissues.

Food for thought

For you to fuel up properly before workouts, you should have an understanding of how the body uses energy. The body gets its energy from the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a compound that exists naturally in the body. Glucose is the immediate energy source for this process. And, when this is exhausted the body begins to break down glycogen (stored carbohydrates). The kind of exercises you do and how long they take will impact the various bodily processes. The body’s energy needs will be determined by the intensity and duration of the workout

Eat Before A Workout - When it comes to high-intensity, resistance training or endurance activities, eating beforehand is necessary.
Eat Before A Workout – When it comes to high-intensity, resistance training or endurance activities, eating beforehand is necessary.

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Does the type of workout matter?

Yes, it matters a great deal. Most people can manage to do some yoga for an hour without getting hungry. But, most people would struggle to set off for a 10-kilometer run without eating beforehand. The choice to eat and when will depend on the kind of exercise you undertake. You do not have to eat before any low or moderate intensity exercise. However, when it comes to high-intensity, resistance training or endurance activities, eating beforehand is necessary.    

What should you eat?

When you work out on an empty stomach, the body will begin to tap into its fat stores as a source of energy. Experts say you can still eat before a workout even if your aim is to lose fat. If you choose to eat, you are recommended to consume foods that are high in proteins and carbs. They help supplement energy supplies and prevent muscle damage. If you wake up and head straight to the gym, a good food choice would be a protein shake and about half a banana. You should target an average of 15-20 grams of protein. If you are doing endurance exercise, your carbs intake should be high, as carbs enable you to exercise for longer. For example, one cup of oatmeal would satisfy most people’s carb requirements.    

Eat Before A Workout - What should you eat?
Eat Before A Workout – What should you eat?

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The bottom line

You can do exercise on an empty stomach provided that is are low to medium intensity and that your aim is losing fat.  It is important that you watch out for any dizziness any significant decrease in speed during the course of your workout, or rapid breathing when the movements do not warrant it. Any high intensity or rigorous exercise requires the intake of some protein and/or carbohydrates before starting. And finally, you should always remember to rehydrate after every workout.



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