Cycling For Fitness – Pros & Cons

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cycling For Fitness

Cycling is an incredibly popular hobby that helps people get fit. There are plenty of proven advantages to cycling, but is it a great idea for everyone? Below, you’ll see a list of both the good and bad things associated with this hobby. Pros and cons of cycling for fitness


It’s a well-known fact that cycling is great for your legs. If you want to get nice looking thighs, then this is the hobby for you. It can improve your muscle mass, and make your legs look way more toned and sexy.   

Cycling For Fitness - Cycling can make you feel happy.
Cycling For Fitness – Cycling can make you feel happy.

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The second advantage of cycling is that it’s something you can do wherever, whenever, as long as you have a bike. It can form part of your daily exercise routine, which will bring you all the benefits I spoke about here You don’t need a gym membership, there are no complicated routines to learn, just get on a bike and start pedaling!

Finally, the fact you work your legs so hard means you use a large group of muscles which helps you burn more calories as you cycle. It certainly requires more effort than running, which leads to increased cardiovascular benefits and improved fitness levels. In fact, named cycling the best cardio-aerobic exercise you can do.   

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cycling For Fitness
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cycling For Fitness

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The biggest downside of cycling, from a fitness perspective, is that it causes lots of tightness in your legs and hips. Everything from your calves to your hip flexors will be incredibly tight, which pulls your body into a bad posture. Two things you can do to correct this; don’t cycle for too long without breaks where you can stand up straight, and stretch regularly. There are great stretching related posts on you should read to help you sort this problem out.

Another disadvantage is that cycling can be quite dangerous. When you cycle, you often have to go on the road with other vehicles. This could lead to the issue discussed here, hit and run accidents. A car can easily hit a cyclist, and it happens far more often than you’d like to say. Try and use bike lanes wherever possible to lower your risks of getting injured.    

Cycling For Fitness - Cycling can be quite dangerous.
Cycling For Fitness – Cycling can be quite dangerous.

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Finally, cycling can cause pain in a lot of people. Some people with bad backs or hips complain that sitting on a bike aggravates their issues. As such, it’s perhaps not a great form of exercise for anyone suffering from recurring injuries in their back, hips, knees, or ankles. I will say there’s some interesting information on that teaches you how to cycle pain-free. This could be handy if you experience some pain as you cycle.


There you have it, the advantages and disadvantages of cycling for fitness. Is it a good idea to help you live healthily and get fit? Absolutely! You can clearly see there are a lot of great benefits to cycling. Of course, there are negative aspects too, but you can see ways around these issues. If you stretch a lot, ride safely, and learn to cycle without pain, then you won’t see any problems.

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