Calorie Control – Way To Lose Weight

Calorie Control: The Fastest Way To Lose That Belly

It might not be the only thing that matters but if you want to lose weight and have a healthy body, you can’t ignore it. Modern health experts say that diet accounts for 80% of your weight control efforts. Regardless of what some fad diets might try to tell you, the number of calories you eat is vitally important. But portion control and calorie counting are some of the steps where aspiring weight losers tend to falter. Are there any ways to make calorie control easier?   

Calorie Control - Eat more, gain less ( like soba noodles).
Calorie Control – Eat more, gain less ( like soba noodles).

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Eat more, gain less

Mental strength is what dieting is all about. But your cravings can sometimes be a good deal stronger than your willpower. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about them. Your cravings aren’t all about how many calories you eat. Sometimes, it’s just about the fact that your brain isn’t convinced that you’re full. But there are plenty of foods that can trick the brain. Low-calorie foods like celery, cucumber, soba noodles, and even unsweetened popcorn can be eaten in greater quantities. Your brain gets convinced that because you’re eating a higher volume of food, you don’t need anymore. So, your cravings will be a lot easier to simply ignore for the rest of the day.     

Calorie Control - Drinking more water.
Calorie Control – Drinking more water.

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Getting control

Tricking your brain is only one step. It’s not the same as really getting control. If you need help, then the best way to lose weight is to find a way to really curb those cravings rather than just fixating on them and fulfilling them even if it is just a trick. Appetite suppressing supplements, setting ground rules for what you’re never allowed to eat, drinking more water. The amount of sleep you get and the levels of stress you deal with also contribute to cravings greatly. You need to create a healthier mindset to be able to control it better. Even practicing mindfulness meditation can help you not only battle stress but become more aware of cravings when they surface and be better equipped to say ‘no’ to them.    

Calorie Control - Metabolic rate.
Calorie Control – Metabolic rate.

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Be a more efficient machine

Your body can be conditioned to better deal with the number of calories you’re eating, as well. Depending on how you condition it, you can eat more without putting on as much. In fact, sometimes it’s important to eat more. You need to understand your metabolism and what affects it. You can find not only how many calories you should be eating every day, but your resting metabolic rate also tells you how many calories you should try to not go under. Exercise burns fat, obviously, but it also boosts your metabolism so your body can do it itself. Foods rich in fiber, amino acids, and iron all fill deficiencies that may otherwise slow your metabolism.

Getting better control of your cravings and making your body better at processing what you eat is going to make calorie control a lot easier. If you want to lose weight, you need to focus on finding the healthy range. Not just cutting as much food as possible.




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