Best Workout Gear – Dress To Impress

Best Workout Gear – Dress to Impress for Any Sport or Discipline

There are hundreds of ways you can choose to get fit. You can turn to the popular, mainstream ways to exercise like running, cycling or swimming. Or you might want to explore something a little different, like going to dance classes or learning to surf. However, you want to keep fit, having the right gear is important. While you essentially just need comfortable clothes, getting the right ones for different disciplines isn’t always that simple. For some types of exercise, you might want something form-fitting and stretchy while for others you need something loose. Some sports need special footwear or safety equipment. If you want to make sure you have the best workout gear, check out these recommendations for different disciplines.    

Best Workout Gear - For Running.
Best Workout Gear – For Running.

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Running is the go-to form of exercise for many people who want to get fit and maintain their fitness. It’s a great choice because you can do it anywhere. You can run on a treadmill at the gym or in the comfort of your home, or you can get outside and run pretty much wherever you want. You also don’t need a lot of special gear to go running. Some decent shoes and comfortable clothes are the only essentials. However, you might consider some extras elements. While you can just run in any t-shirt, you might prefer one that wicks sweat away. If you run outside during the winter, you might want some warmer layers that will still prevent you from overheating.   

Best Workout Gear - For Cycling.
Best Workout Gear – For Cycling.

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Like running, what you choose to wear to get on your bike can depend on how seriously you take the pursuit. If you get really into cycling, you might end up buying all the fancy gear. But if you just do it casually, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt might be just fine for you. Clothes worn for cycling need to not be too loose, so they don’t get caught in the bike chain or anywhere else. A good pair of shoes is also useful to ensure you get a good connection with the pedals of your bike. If you want a more serious “uniform,” bike jerseys and shorts are designed to be comfortable and aerodynamic. They come in many different designs and are easy to customize, making it easy to create jerseys for a cycling team.


Yoga is a more gentle form of exercise that people use to improve flexibility and to relax and deal with stress. It’s something that can be done alone at home or with others during a class. When choosing the right clothes to wear for yoga, it’s important to get the right balance between clothes that are loose and tight. You need to maintain freedom of movement, so you don’t want to be too restricted. But you also don’t want to wear anything too loose, or it could slip and expose you as you move. Yoga is usually done barefoot, so you don’t need to worry about shoes. But don’t forget your yoga mat.    

Best Workout Gear - For Swimming.
Best Workout Gear – For Swimming.

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Swimming is excellent for cardio exercise, and it also offers a low-impact option. It can be a good choice for people who need to take it easy, perhaps to help their joints, but you also have the opportunity to push yourself. Of course, to get into the water, you’re going to need a swimsuit. But choosing the right one for exercising it is a little different to selecting one for the beach. You might want to pick one that reduces drag and fits you closely. It should be comfortable and, if you’re a woman, it should support your bust. Some swimmers also choose to use a variety of other accessories, like a swimming cap, nose plug, earplugs or goggles.     

Best Workout Gear - For Walking and Hiking.
Best Workout Gear – For Walking and Hiking.

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Walking and Hiking

Some people like to get outside and enjoy their exercise, perhaps over the course of a day or even longer. Going walking and hiking are ideal for this and can easily be combined with camping or other outdoor activities. The main aspect of your outfit to think about here is your shoes. If you’re going to be walking over rough terrain, you need supportive walking shoes or boots. They should be comfortable on your feet over long hours of walking, and they should support your ankles too. It’s worth going to a store to choose the right shoes so you can try them on and get advice. When it comes to the rest of your clothes, you need to be prepared for the conditions you’ll experience. So think about climate, weather, and terrain to decide what to wear.     

For Martial Arts.
Best Workout Gear – For Martial Arts.

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Martial Arts

The martial arts are varied and can all offer different advantages if you want to participate in an organized fitness activity. Some of them have specific uniforms to wear to classes and compete in. These make it easy to know what to wear, although for some people it might feel restrictive. Other martial arts might not be as strict, and you can choose what you want to wear. As with many other sports, you want to avoid anything too loose or too restrictive. You need to have a good range of movement. In some martial arts, protective gear might be required too.    

For Dancing.
Best Workout Gear – For Dancing.

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Dancing is another fun way to get fit without really feeling like you’re exercising. It can be energetic, but it doesn’t have to feel like torture. If you enjoy dancing, there are many fun ways you can get involved with different forms. You might want to try out swing dance, salsa, or something more casual like Zumba. For the most part, standard exercise clothes are suitable, but for some events or classes, you might want to consider an outfit that suits the style of dance. For example, if you’re taking part in a swing dance event, you can dress up in a swing dress and heels. Or if you want to try an adult ballet class, you might want a leotard and tights.

There are many ways to keep fit, so you should find what you love doing. If you’re dressed appropriately, you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

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