Best Way To Bulk Up

Best Way To Bulk Up – Bringing Home The Bulk

While there is a lot of focus on getting down to and maintaining a good and healthy weight, there is still little to be found on the internet about being able to bulk up. This isn’t putting all of the weight back on – at least, not in fat reserves. It’s about increasing your muscle mass and doing the right things. Which, can lead you up to building these up – but how do you get there? Which is the best way to bulk up?  

Best Way To Bulk Up - Work It Out.
Best Way To Bulk Up – Work It Out.

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Work It Out

The amount of exercise that you will need to do will not only have to increase, but it will have to be focused on certain parts of your body. You will have to start lifting heavy, adding on physical pounds to your weights each time you go. If you aren’t increasing the weight of what you are doing, you aren’t going to get anywhere. It’s about stretching your muscles to their limits and having them break to build themselves back up again.

Time To Heal

If you’re not giving your body the time to relax and get back up to strength, it won’t repay you by building up muscle. Try and get at least eight hours of sleep a day. That way, you know that you have rested yourself well enough to keep on going with what you’re doing. If you want a sleep analysis, invest in a Fitbit or other smartwatch to see how much deep sleep you’re getting. The more that you are in this deep sleep, the more your body can concentrate on repairing.  

Best Way To Bulk Up - Time To Heal ( Sleep analysis, invest in a smartwatch or other. )
Best Way To Bulk Up – Time To Heal ( Sleep analysis, invest in a smartwatch or other. )

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Eat Right

If you’re not eating the right amount of calories to over-compensate for the working out that you are doing, there’s no way that your body will have the resources to work off to be able to bulk up. You put your body into a calorie deficit when you want to lose weight, not when you want to add it on – and especially if you are wanting to add on muscle mass. Focus on in taking a set amount of ‘good carbs’; these are carbohydrates which haven’t been necessarily tampered with (such as white bread). And, they can provide a steady and slow release of energy, such as brown rice. Unsaturated fats like olive oil can also prove to be an amazing addition to your diet.   

Best Way To Bulk Up - Increase Your Protein ( Like Chicken or Turkey )
Best Way To Bulk Up – Increase Your Protein ( Like Chicken or Turkey )

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Increase Your Protein

Essentially, you need to be consuming one gram of protein for every pound of body weight that you have. You can increase this with something like Clean Nutrition supplements, or eat protein-focused foods like chicken and turkey. Although a lot of the focus about protein is moving in light of the good carbs. You still need to be consuming a high amount in order to fuel your muscles.  

Sets Not Reps

Change up your sets so that your muscles aren’t used to what you are doing and become accustomed to it. Know the term ‘muscle memory’? It’s a real thing, and you need to be changing up your sets a lot more than you are focusing on a number of reps you are doing in order to really be able to bulk up.   


Best Way To Bulk Up – Doing Reps.

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