Why You Should Make Hockey Your New Hobby

Why You Should Make Hockey Your New Hobby

Why You Should Make Hockey Your New Hobby

Why You Should Make Hockey Your New Hobby

Who knew that hockey offered such a fantastic whole body workout? Whether you opt to play it on ice or on the field, hockey offers one of the best workouts of any sport. This is because it includes both aerobic exercise as well as strength training. The fast-paced nature of the sport means that it offers an intensive workout that works every inch of the body, from your shoulders to your toes. The best thing about hockey is that it’s suitable for almost anyone,regardless of age or physical fitness. If the idea of playing hockey appeals to you, you should definitely give it a try. Whether it’s just for a bit of fun or something more serious, it doesn’t matter. Still need a little convincing? Here’s why you should make hockey your new hobby.

Hockey on ice or on the field ....

Hockey on ice or on the field ….

It’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is what’s needed to burn calories and fat. Hockey is a great form of this due to how intense it is. After playing hockey for an hour, you will have burnt between 450 and 500 calories. That’s the equivalent of four bags of crisps or two chocolate bars. Because it’s such a fun form of exercise, hockey is a great way to ensure that you’re getting as much exercise as you need. It’s fast-paced, fun, and a great fat burner, making it the ideal sport.

meeting new people

meeting new people

Helps to improve your strength

Here you get one more reason why you should make hockey your new hobby. While a lot of sports are great forms of cardiovascular exercise, they don’t offer high amounts of strength training. Hockey, however, does. Playing hockey on a regular basis can lead to enhanced physical strength throughout your body. This improves general health, bone and muscle strength, and decreases your chances of suffering an injury.

is being part of a team

is being part of a team

You get to be part of a team

There are so many benefits to being part of a team, from meeting new people to learning new things. If you take up hockey, you’ll become part of a team. On match days, you’ll all dress in matching hockey kits that give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. You’ll meet new people who will become lifelong friends. You’ll get invited out to social events. You’ll learn new things and get the chance to push yourself to achieve things you never thought were possible. By far, one of the best things, why you should make hockey your new hobby, is being part of a team.

Hockey can be played from kids ......

Hockey can be played from kids ……

Gives your brain a boost

Some important reason why you should make hockey your new hobby is, as well as being great for your physical health, hockey also has many benefits for your mental health. All exercise can help to boost your mental health, as the endorphins released when exercising help to make you happy. This means that you’re less prone to depression and anxiety. As well as this, as hockey requires you to make fast decisions, helping you to develop better decision-making skills. It also teaches you the importance of looking out for others around you. Who knew hockey had so many benefits?

... to adults , outside or inside

… to adults , outside or inside

Not only can hockey be a great way to keep yourself in peak physical fitness, but it also comes with many other benefits. If you’re looking for a new hobby to try, hockey could just be perfect for you.



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