The Perfect Workout Spot – Your Garden

Your Garden: The Perfect Workout Spot

There’s a stunning number of people out there who are paying for gym memberships they don’t need. Or, rather, gym memberships they don’t actually use. People buy these memberships but then decide that gyms make them uncomfortable and so never end up going. They decide they’ll work out elsewhere, and for this, your garden can be the perfect workout spot.

Your Garden: The Perfect Workout Spot

Your Garden: The Perfect Workout Spot

The home isn’t always the best place to do it. There’s never enough room! People usually feel okay about going running in public. But what about other forms of exercise? Not everyone is happy doing the most muscle-based workouts in their local park!

A lot of people aren’t thinking about the potential just out back. Yes, I’m talking about your garden. If you’re lucky enough to have one, then you’ve got a great space in which to start improving your fitness. Here are a few ideas for you!

Great equipment to use in your garden

The garden is a great place to install some fitness equipment. When you’re indoors, you tend to get pretty hot when you’re having vigorous workouts. But outside, you’ll often be soothed with a cool breeze! But when people think about exercise equipment, they don’t usually think about the outdoors. They usually think of the gym!

The Perfect Workout - Trampolines are underestimated as exercise tools

The Perfect Workout – Trampolines are underestimated as exercise tools

But there is some equipment that would fit perfectly in a garden. Consider a cross trainer, for example. Some of those are too big to use indoors, so outside is perfect! A jump sports fitness trampoline would also be a great addition, though kids might mistake it for play equipment! Trampolines are underestimated as exercise tools. Not only do they burn a lot of calories and strengthen your muscles – they also boost your mood.

Gardening to keep yourself fit  

Digging, pulling, bending, lifting can be the perfect workout -

Digging, pulling, bending, lifting can be the perfect workout –

Gardening often seems like a very serene thing. How could it possibly keep you fit? Isn’t it something that people do once they’re in retirement? These are the thoughts of someone who has never been gardening seriously. A lot of people don’t realize how good a workout it can be until they’ve finished gardening. They realize they’re out of breath and their muscles are aching pleasantly.

Of course, gardening won’t provide you with the aerobic or muscular exercise you need for ultra-high fitness levels. But if you don’t quite have it in you to have a full workout, then try getting your green fingers busy. Digging, pulling, bending, lifting can be the perfect workout – you’ll do all of these things in healthy amounts. Don’t underestimate it!

Your own private gym

Remember earlier in the article where I mentioned people not feeling comfortable in a gym? Well, usually that’s because they suddenly feel self-conscious exercising around others. Don’t you wish that you could be the only one in the gym? That you wouldn’t get arrested if you stole the keys from the gym employees and locked everyone else out?    

The Perfect Workout - Your own private gym

The Perfect Workout – Your own private gym

If you own the property you live on, then you might want to consider getting your own gym. That’s right: you could build your own little gym in the garden. This would mean you could use your garden for workouts even when it’s raining! (Although travelling there and back to your house might get you a bit wet.)


Ralf - D. Scheffler

My name is Ralf – Detlef , I am 55 years old . I am from Germany, but living now for 27 years already on Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain. For 26 years I have had my own little business here on the island, which I had to give up due to health problems. After several months of recovering, I had to realign and find new chores. And so I discovered the numerous possibilities the Internet provides. We have to take good care of our bodies and health, sadly I had to experience myself, how essential your health is. Health is our greatest asset, mentally and physically ! And for this I will do a good job . Thank's

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  1.' Beth Keck says:

    This is the kind of workout I could handle…peaceful! I love this idea of incorporating the outdoors, it takes the emphasis off hard part of it and focuses on the beauty/fun.

  2.' Sumudu says:

    I love gardening. I am out there everyday during the summer. It really is a good work out!

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