Love To Exercise – Fun & Effective

Love To Exercise – Grouping Up To Make Exercise Fun & Effective

No matter how much you love to exercise, there are times when it feels incredibly testing. When you’ve had a long week or you’re not feeling 100%, the temptation to postpone your workout plans for awhile is incredibly tempting.

Fitness, however, is all about constant maintenance. Before you know it, your one day off becomes a week, then a month, and then you’re out of shape. To avoid this, grouping up can help you keep on track and improve your overall fitness. We’re sociable creatures after all, so why should exercise always be a solo activity?

If you fancy joining or even being the founder of an exercise group, here are three different exercise activities that particularly lend themselves to group participation.    

Love To Exercise - Swimming.
Love To Exercise – Swimming.

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#1 – Swimming

Swimming is often seen as a rather solitary endeavor for the most part. After all, it’s difficult to talk while swimming, which can make the idea of teaming up sound difficult.

While the above may be true, that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to grouping up together. You can all swim at the same time, which is not only nicer than always going to the gym alone. But, ensures you’ll have safety in numbers when it comes to water safety. With your workout complete, you can catch up for a post-workout drink and a debrief session, discussing your progress, setting goals, and discuss how swimming is improving your fitness in general; there’s some good info here on the calorie-burning benefits of swimming, to help provide some conversational starting points on that score. Having the company of people who are focused in the same areas as you can drastically improve your attitude towards exercise.  

Love To Exercise - Hiking.
Love To Exercise – Hiking.

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#2 – Hiking

Hiking is one of the most satisfying hobbies there is. Not only do you get the thorough workout of having to climb uphill for hours on end. But, then you get the reward of enjoying the view from the top.

If you don’t live near any particularly hilly countryside, then that’s all the more reason to form a group. As a group, you can take day trips to some of the best climbing scenery in the UK. Far more fun as part of a social activity than going on your own. The UK is blessed with some truly stunning scenery; why not try the Pennines, or head further south into the Peak District?   

Love To Exercise - Cycling.
Love To Exercise – Cycling.

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#3 – Cycling

Cycling out on the open roads is tough. You’ll have to deal with irritated drivers and winding roads, some of which will be easier to cycle than others. Grouping up can take some of the prejudices out of outdoor cycling. You’ll have people around you if you get stuck, and there’s always someone to talk to on the calmer sections of road. Cycling groups are incredibly common. A quick browse through local Facebook groups should give you a few options to select from if you decide to give it a try.

Grouping up can give you plenty of motivation to keep going with your fitness regime. As exercise becomes as much about seeing your friends as it does keeping you fit. So why not give it a try?

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