Get Killer Abs: From Lifting to Lazy

Get Killer Abs: From Lifting to Lazy

Whenever you hear the word “abs“, it’s often preceded by “six-pack” or “washboard“. People love the idea of having their strong abs on display, and some people manage to achieve it. However, you might also think about your abs in terms of your core and your stomach. Maybe you don’t want a six-pack, but you would like your stomach to be flatter and more toned. In order to properly put your abs on display, you need to cut down on body fat and perhaps put in some work on your exercise routine too. But everyone wants different things, so there are a few factors you’ll need to consider to get what you want. Here are some recommendations that help you to find your way to get Killer Abs.   

Get Killer Abs - Decide What Your Goal Is.
Get Killer Abs – Decide What Your Goal Is.

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Decide What Your Goal Is

First of all, it’s worth thinking about what exactly you want to achieve in your journey to get abs. Are you looking for a six-pack or do you just want a flatter stomach? It’s important to be realistic about what you’re able to achieve and about how much work you’re willing to put in. If you really want to have washboard abs, prepare to spend a lot of your time eating the right foods and working out. And when you’re not doing either of those things, you’ll be thinking about them and making plans. It’s a lot of effort to maintain a low body fat percentage and strong muscles. For some people, it might not even be possible.   

Get Killer Abs - Create a Weight Loss Plan.
Get Killer Abs – Create a Weight Loss Plan.

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Create a Weight Loss Plan

The first thing you might want to do is think about losing weight. It’s likely you’re going to need to lose some weight to achieve what you want, although some people might be more focused on building muscle. Whether you want a flat stomach or you want your abs to be visible, you should work out how much fat you need to lose around your abdomen. For women, a healthy body fat percentage is around 22% to 33%. For visible abs, your body fat needs to be at the lower end of that scale. And, possibly even slightly below it. Instead of just weighing yourself, it’s helpful to know your body composition too.

Change Your Diet

Whether you need to go on a weight loss journey or you just want to build some muscle, some changes to your diet are likely to be necessary. In fact, if you want visible abs, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time thinking about food. Firstly, cutting down on the number of calories you consume is likely to be important if you want to lose some weight.    

Get Killer Abs - Find a Workout You Enjoy.
Get Killer Abs – Find a Workout You Enjoy.

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While increasing your activity can help too, it’s changing your diet that usually has the greatest effect on your weight. You can start by working out how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, which you can do using an online calculator like the one at You’ll need to eat fewer calories than that if your goal is to lose weight. A calculator can also tell you how much to eat if you want to lose different amounts of weight.

Find a Workout You Enjoy

If your primary goal is to start losing some weight and build your strength up, it’s a good idea to start with any workout that you enjoy. Perhaps you’re not currently very active, and you want to lose weight overall before you really begin working on your abs. Any activity that you find fun is good to get you started if you want to improve your general fitness and lose some weight. However, you might choose something that allows you to work on your core, whether it’s dancing, rowing, swimming or something else that can get you started with strengthening your abs.    

Get Killer Abs - Put in Some Strength Training Time.
Get Killer Abs – Put in Some Strength Training Time.

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Put in Some Strength Training Time

If you want stronger abs, putting in some strength training time is pretty much essential. Anyone who wants a visible six-pack needs to get serious about picking up some weights. It’s also important not just to focus on your core but to build a full-body workout you can follow too. Many fitness experts will say you need to exercise at least five days a week, with three of them focused on full-body strength training. The other two you can use for gentler cardio. However, if weights aren’t your thing, anything that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to could work out for you.  

Get Killer Abs - Explore Cosmetic Options.
Get Killer Abs – Explore Cosmetic Options.

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Explore Cosmetic Options

Not everyone wants to spend all their time counting calories or working out. If you have a picture of the perfect stomach that you want, but you don’t want to put in the time, there are other options. Cosmetic practices like offer much quicker ways to get a flat stomach and reduce your body fat. You can use liposuction or even a tummy tuck to take the quick route to the abs you want. However, it’s important to remember that these methods aren’t going to give you visible abs or make you stronger. They will simply help you tackle fat and skin around your abdomen. It’s also important to remember the healing time they may involve.    

Get Killer Abs - Take a Trip to the Spa.
Get Killer Abs – Take a Trip to the Spa.

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Take a Trip to the Spa

What about a visit to your favorite beauty salon? Strangely enough, it could help you to get a flatter stomach or more toned waist. Some places offer a treatment that claims to shrink your waist and other areas with a wrap. It can make you appear a few inches slimmer, but the effects are only temporary. So if you want to feel a bit slimmer for a special event, it might be a good idea. However, if you want more permanent results, it’s probably worth putting in a bit more effort to develop a plan. And, work on getting what you want the natural way.

Fake It

Of course, there’s always the option of pretending. If all you’re looking for is the appearance of a flat stomach so you can wear a tight dress, it’s easy to fake it. The right pair of underwear or a control under garment can do what you want.

If you want proper washboard abs, it takes a lot of work. However, there are other options if you’re looking for a flat stomach.



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