Dark Side Of Fitness

Meet The Dark Side Of Fitness

Fitness is a dear trend in fashion and women’s magazines. It is difficult to ignore the calls for a fit and slim body. After all, why shouldn’t you? Fitness is a lifestyle that is focused on a healthy body in a healthy mind. However, getting fit can be a tricky task, especially if you choose to do it on your own without the support of a coach or a nutritionist. Unfortunately, in the world of fitness, it may not seem necessary to rely on the knowledge of experts. Indeed, when everything seems available to everyone, from a great dieting idea in your latest fashion magazine to a gym studio in town, it would seem absurd to ask for help. Surely you can figure fitness out, or at least that’s what you might think. However, there is a dark side of fitness.

It’s the area where things go wrong, even though it all started with the best of intentions and motivation. Experts are there to help you to avoid the dark side of fitnessDiscover if you’re guilty of any of the fitness faux-pas.    

Dark Side Of Fitness - Fitness Is Time Consuming
Dark Side Of Fitness – Fitness Is Time Consuming

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Fitness Is Time Consuming

First of all, here’s a scoop for those who didn’t know: Fitness is time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to train and to sculpt your body. Unless you’ve got plenty of free time, you need to be smart about how you address the time issue. Don’t let it be a reason for failure. Instead find ways to make time for fitness, starting by treating it as a professional appointment. Fitness needs to have a time slot in your diary so that you know that you’ve got time for it. Whenever possible, you need to think of alternatives to make your lifestyle more active. For a start, ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. It’s a simple change, but it is an effective one.

You Focus Too Much On One Goal

It’s a common mistake to focus on one goal without considering the overall benefits of fitness for your body. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s likely that you are combining some cardio workout with weight lifting. However, you ignore the violent impact of your joints that these exercises have. You need to improve your joint flexibility and strength, with yoga or swimming for example. Ideally, you should have the relevant fitness gear for endurance, strength, and flexibility, which translates into running clothes, gym gear, and yoga clothes for women or men. It is easier to visualize your fitness progress if each of your necessary goals – they are all important, but in different ratios across the population – has specific fitness clothing and equipment.     

Dark Side Of Fitness - A Weight Loss Driven Society
Dark Side Of Fitness – A Weight Loss Driven Society

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A Weight Loss Driven Society

It’s been proven in the past that the fashion and entertainment industries like to present an impossible image of perfection. I am super slim, or I am not, that’s the message that society is conveying. As a result, extreme dieting is turning into a bad habit. But, rapid weight loss diets are not suited for permanent and healthy results. Indeed, the first pounds that you lose on a crash diet consists of water, which dehydrates you. Additionally, if you choose to follow a no carb diet, you’re likely to experience irregular blood sugar levels, which can lead to Type 2 diabetes if you gain back the weight rapidly afterward. Gaining back the weight you’ve lost is the most common consequence of an extreme diet. In other words, take your time and build your dream body in the long term.

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