Cycling In A City – Urban Cycling

Cycling In A City – Getting Into Urban Cycling To Stay Fit When Living In A City

Cycling in a city, a city full of hectic, can sometimes make you question your life choices. However, in the end, it’s more economical than a car, which includes any and all hybrids. It’s less expensive than owning a car in a large city, especially if you live in such a place. This is because congestion charges are taking no prisoners nowadays and due to government pressure. The prices are rising in comparison to inflation, every year. Also, the truth is, that a bicycle may be more physically demanding. But, they are effortlessly more maneuverable and tactile in large cities.

If you’re an excellent cyclist, you can get to work earlier than someone in a car can. However, cycling to work is also healthier and can, in fact, contrary to popular belief, improve your life chances. Many people have trouble getting into the sport. But, if you force yourself to make a transition and rely solely on a bike to get you to work, this could change your life.    

Cycling In A City - Urban Cycling
Cycling In A City – Urban Cycling

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Why cycle in an urban setting

The main reason for people who live in large, expensive cities to start cycling to work is because it saves money. Not just in filling up the gas tank of your car, every other day, but you’re not subject to congestion charges or toll passes. Equally, you save on gym membership fees. Most people just want to lose a few pounds and fit better into their clothes. So, this is a cheaper alternative to signing up to a monthly fee gym. It’s also a challenge that many seasoned cyclists want. Sometimes, the terrain of a flat, even park or country lane is no longer giving them satisfaction. Cycling also burns a lot of fat, especially in the hard to reach places such as the thighs and waist.    

Cycling In A City - The right gear.
Cycling In A City – The right gear.

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The right gear

The most important is a correct bike. Bear in mind cities have streets which see a lot of traffic run over their surface. Therefore, they’ll be a lot of potholes you need to endure. The height change will be another factor, such as transitioning on and off pavements to streets, to cobbled roads and narrow rocky alleyway. There are many types of road bikes, therefore, surveying the market for the best designs and innovations. Road bikes tend to have slimmer frames, so the bike is pointed and able to change direction quickly. The tires are lighter and skinny, so the weight is easier to manipulate. And, with fiberglass structures, the aerodynamics are built for great acceleration and minimal drag.  

Cycling In A City - Health benefits.
Cycling In A City – Health benefits.

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Health benefits

With cycling, the inner thighs, i.e. the adductor muscles a pushed into action, which burns a lot of the cellulite that’s present on the hamstrings. Additionally, the IT band is extended and stretched, therefore the outer thighs, knees, and ligaments are all worked out. They are in fact, concentrated and isolated, so for women and men who find their legs are fat or thick. Burning the fat in these areas can put less pressure on the femoral artery and improve circulation. The biggest health benefit is that your heart will get a workout and strengthen as a result. Yellow fat is the first source of energy the body burns. But, white fat is denser and clings closer to the body. Moreover, it’s the hardest fat to burn which means your body shape won’t change quite so dramatically unless you’ve been doing them for a long time.



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