What is Technology Doing to Our State of Mind?

What is Technology Doing to Our State of Mind? “I’ve had a strange feeling in my eyes for the last few days. A friend has just told me that it could be digital eyestrain. Let me google that.” Isn’t it ironic? Modern technology has been altering our bodies and minds for quite some time now, and we don’t even know it. What is technology doing to our state of mind? Digital eyestrain,

Nighttime Safety Tips for New Runners & Cyclists

Nighttime Safety Tips for New Runners & Cyclists Everybody has their own time to work out, usually it is by day. But if you are busy at work or someplace else, after sundown might be the only time you are able to squeeze in an exercise. Especially in the summer, people like to run at night because the temperatures are lower and it makes it that more bearable. But night runners

What is aspergers syndrome - Asperger-woman

Just what is Aspergers syndrome?  Right, here we describe more regarding Asperger syndrome – a form of autism – consisting of the three main difficulties that individuals with Asperger syndrome share, how many people have the problem, and also what may trigger it. As soon as we satisfy a person we make judgments about them. From their face, a tone of voice and body language we can usually inform whether


How is Asperger’s syndrome?  Asperger’s syndrome, likewise called  Asperger’s disorder, is a type of pervasive developmental problem (PDD). PDD’s are a team of conditions that involve hold-ups in the advancement of numerous standard skills, most especially the capability to socialize with others, to interact, as well as to make use of imagination. There is a spectrum of the PDD disorders. Although Asperger’s syndrome is comparable in some ways to autism


THE PALEO GRUBS BOOK Today we wanted to share with you a little gem we’ve found that has helped us out on a number of occasions when the panic of what to make for our next meal starts to set in. It’s called The Paleo Grubs Book, and it’s hands down the number one resource we use on a daily basis to not only make Paleo work, but to make


Bodybuilding Guide For Beginners     If you are back for another body transformation or just a beginner who finally decided to do something about his body, you came to the right place. This simple yet very effective bodybuilding guide will teach you all the basics for beginners. It is finally time to set food in the gym and begin exercising properly. Whether you decide to go for a 30

yoga for your eyes

How eye yoga exercises can help for a better eyesight ? Are your eyes suffering from the continuous usage of computers due to extensive work deadlines? If yes, you need these kinds of exercises in preventing damages to your eyes. Below are the simple eye yoga exercises for eyesight improvement. These can be done anytime and anywhere. Stretching exercise  Many employees are very much worried on how to improve eyesight naturally.

How to Relax With Music

How to Relax with Music ? Music is an art. Listening to music is a tremendous effect in our mind and body. Many people love to hear music like melody songs, reggae songs, and acoustic songs. Music inspired those people who are in love and broken hearted. In music, they can express themselves in and relax mode, felt comfort and lived freely. What are the good benefits that may the