Best Biceps – How To Build Them Up

Building Up Your Best Biceps

We’ve seen the kind of muscles we dream of, as both men and women, on the front of magazines and in those tense bodybuilding adverts. Yet, getting there can be a long and hard journey; one that we want to make easier. Having regular exercise is a key function in living a healthy and balanced life, along with eating well and being nice to yourself and others. The first port of call in a muscle building journey is the arms, the limbs that we often feel so self-conscious about, and carry out most of our day to day actions for us. So what are some of the things you can do to make the biceps of your dreams a reality? How to build up your best biceps?   

Best Biceps - Try Some Heavy Lifting.
Best Biceps – Try Some Heavy Lifting.

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Try Some Heavy Lifting

And that doesn’t just have to mean weights in the traditional form, it can mean lugging around a bag of flour in the kitchen, moving some heavy boxes around whenever you get the opportunity (usually in work), or even just standing there and moving your arms up and down to get yourself moving properly.

The best way to start is heavy, as this means only certain muscles and joints will be being worked. When it comes to the upper arms, you can try out big weight bars here in your gym routine, like a barbell. Curls move using these pieces of equipment are the best, and also a great starter move, for getting things done.  

Best Biceps - Try lifting yourself up first.
Best Biceps – Try lifting yourself up first.

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If you’d prefer a bit more of a weightlifting regime on your side, try lifting yourself up first. Get a good pair of parallel bars, and then get to work on your arm regime! Give yourself some good muscle group workouts by using yourself as a dead weight. And, increasing a few more reps bit by bit each day.

Eat the Right Foods in the Right Amounts

Of course, protein is going to be a strong contender here. But, that needs to be balanced out with the other food groups as well. Carbohydrates are your energy source, so plenty of those need to be down. And, fiber is important to take care of any extraneous weight to make sure it is flushed out, and other necessary bodily functions.

You’re going to need to put on muscle. So, that means adding in some calories to our diets instead of cutting them out. They just need to be the right kinds. To start off, you’re going to need 20 calories per each pound of weight you have. And, that can be hard to get down, so increase it gradually to allow your stomach to adjust.  

Best Biceps - Eat the Right Foods in the Right Amounts.
Best Biceps – Eat the Right Foods in the Right Amounts.

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Big arms are a huge goal, both literally and figuratively. So, there’s a lot to be done for them to aid muscle growth and making sure it stays on. You’ll feel healthier and happier, as a result. Not to mention a number of compliments that are soon to come your way. It could even be the start of a professional career if you’re so inclined!

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