Being Overweight And Unfit

Being Overweight And Unfit – From Spare Tyre to Six Pack in Three Steps

If you have spent years filling your body with sugary, fatty foods, your health is going to be at serious risk. Being overweight and unfit is a guaranteed disaster, whether that means reduced mobility, the risk of heart attack or diabetes. But it is never too late to change your ways and get into shape.

Dieting is renowned for persuading people into fads that last a few weeks and then fizzle out like a can going flat. You do well to start with but quickly pile on the pounds once you stop trying and go back to your old ways.

It’s time to kick those bad habits for good and get fit.

Being Overweight And Unfit - Protein can be found in fish, which are great for omega-3.
Being Overweight And Unfit – Protein can be found in fish, which are great for omega-3.

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Eat the Good Stuff

Protein, vegetables, some fat, and low-carbs or fewer carbs on the side. This is your go-to, the ultimate aim of every meal. Protein can be found in fish, lean meats like chicken breast, eggs (which are also great for omega 3), nuts and pulses. Protein is your friend. It fills you up, builds you up and boosts your metabolism too.

Here is a comprehensive list of the other foods you should be going for.

Water, coffee, and tea are great too. Drink a glass of water before every meal to reduce the amount you want to eat. Cut down or ideally cut out sugar-filled fizzy drinks and juices. Sugar may provide instant energy but unless you are in the middle of a long-distance run, that energy is going in one direction and staying there – your belly.

Being Overweight And Unfit - Drink a glass of water before every meal.
Being Overweight And Unfit – Drink a glass of water before every meal.

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Control Your Appetite

If you struggle to control your appetite try using small plates when you dish up. This is an optical illusion that persuades you that a smaller portion is actually huge and it’s remarkably effective. People tend to eat what’s in front of them. So, gradually reduce your portion sizes and you won’t even notice the difference.

Another great trick if you are a post-meal snacker is to brush your teeth. Once you have that minty freshness going on, snacks will be less appealing. That being said, if you don’t want to snack, don’t let unhealthy snacks into the house. Celery sticks and cucumber slices will have to do.

If you want the cheat’s solution that takes no effort and works just as well, click here.

Being Overweight And Unfit - Build Muscle.
Being Overweight And Unfit – Build Muscle.

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Build Muscle

For the ultimate bod, you need to put that protein-rich diet into action and start building muscle. Biceps are relatively easy to build using weights. Try lifting heavier weights for fewer reps to boost your building capacity. Work for different muscle groups with different workout routines so that you can get a six pack to match your rippling pectorals.

Don’t be picky about what you do or assume that because a work out happens to be in a men’s mag, it can’t be done by women. And vice versa! Do what you can in each session and gradually build up your capabilities.

Remember: being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice. There’s no quick fix and then back to the sofa here. Keep working it – you’re looking good!




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