Beach Body – How Get Vacay Ready Fast

Beach Body – How To Get Vacay Ready Fast

It’s nearly peak time for people to hop on a plane and head off to a hot and sunny destination for a week or two. But if you’re anything like most people, your winter body is still in full swing. What about that summer beach body you promised yourself you’d have when you felt like a whale on the beach last summer? You’re not alone. Most people leave it last minute before deciding to do anything about the way they look. If you need to get vacay ready fast, here’s what to do.

you felt like a whale on the beach last summer?
Did you feel like a whale on the beach last summer?

Drink A TON Of Water

Drink lots and lots of water to help your body flush out nasty toxins and get rid of excess fat. Aim to build up your intake slowly. 2-4 liters a day should suffice, depending on how much you’re exercising and how much you weigh. More water can give your metabolism a huge kickstart, as well as encourage the body to shed water weight. When your body sheds water weight, you’ll look tighter and fitter.

Start Exercising

If you don’t currently exercise, it only makes sense to start getting some in. Doing some classes will help you to drop a few pounds and shape up, depending on how much time you actually have to prepare. Just make sure you don’t try to do too much, as you’ll exhaust yourself and likely end up rebounding if you’re not careful. An hour a day at a reasonable pace should be fine. If you can, taking a rest day is recommended for the body to properly recover.

drop a few pounds and shape up
drop a few pounds and shape up

Make Better Food Choices

Take an honest look at some of your food choices and work out where you can be better. Do you eat a lot of processed, fast junk? Aim to eat more natural foods. If you can make things from scratch, this will be better for your body. You can also cut down on carbs but never cut them out completely. Doing this will send your body mixed signals, and you’ll balloon when you finally eat them again. Your food choices should be as sustainable as possible to get long-lasting results.

Cut Out Alcohol

Cut out alcohol to avoid piling on excess pounds before you go away. Alcohol is seriously calorific, although you might not realize it as it’s a drink. Cutting it out will definitely help you shed some pounds and bloat.

Find Good Supplements To Assist You

Supplements won’t do all of the work, so, never rely on them. You should, however, find good supplements to help you on your way to that beach body. has some examples of supplements useful for getting the body you want.

hop on a plane and head off to a hot and sunny destination
hop on a plane and head off to a hot and sunny destination

Take Hot Baths And Use The Steam Room

Taking hot baths and using the steam room will further help you to shed water weight. Make sure you stay hydrated when using techniques like this. You don’t want to lose salt either, as you can end up fainting!

Get Lots Of Sleep

Get plenty of rest to make sure your body can handle this new routine. You are only safe to go to extremes for a week or two before you travel. Doing it for too long will mess with your metabolism and cause all sorts of problems. Be sensible!

get that beach body
get that beach body
Follow these tips and you’ll get that beach body you want to have and enjoy sunbathing. 




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