Back Pain – Benefits Of Back Massage

Back Pain – 5 Health Benefits Of A Regular Back Massage

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2015 study, low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. This pain affects your life in numerous ways, including disrupting your sleep. It interfering with your daily tasks, also decreasing your ability to exercise. It also increases your stress levels and affecting your ability to work. Sadly, we are all exposed to a lifestyle that leads to back pain. And, while those behaviors can’t be avoided, we can do our best to ease the pain. Sometimes the situation can get so extreme that you are in need of medical help. But, in most cases, regular massages can be very helpful. Here are the top five health benefits they can bring.

Back Pain - Benefits Of Back Massage
Back Pain – Benefits Of Back Massage

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Reliving the pain

The first and the most obvious benefit of a regular back massage is reliving the pain most of us encounter, more or less, these days. An expert massage therapist will focus on your specific problem areas and stiff muscles. This will help with temporary pain coming from a sports injury and sometimes even instantly help with discomfort. If the pain isn’t extreme, regular massages can even help you avoid painkillers. Which, can be harmful to your overall health.

Supporting the immune system

A study published in Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies examined whether massage therapy can boost immune response in healthy adults. It is believed that this statement is true. Above all, because massage can lower the levels of stress-related hormones. These are some of the main responsible for reducing immunity. Another research had similar ideas, with one of them proving that massage can increase the number of lymphocytes, which play a large role in defending the body from diseases.

Back Pain, Regular Back Massage - Relaxing.
Back Pain, Regular Back Massage – Relaxing.

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Decreasing stress levels

Stress affects us all equally, regardless of our economic status and type of job. The proof of that is that, although Australia is in top 10 countries on the global ranking of happiness, Australians are still very stressed and overworked. It is no wonder that many Aussies are turning to massage as a solution and that home massage in Melbourne and other bigger cities is becoming more and more popular. Regular massages relax both the body and mind and help you cope with the challenges you face.

Helping with mental disorders

Just like with stress, a soothing and relaxing massage can help with some mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. A study called “Effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage for Generalized Anxiety Disorder” found that massage can reduce various symptoms of anxiety, including worry and depressive thoughts. Another research proved that massage therapy can alleviate the symptoms of depression. Massage therapies improve your state of mind by helping you release negative thoughts and focus on more pleasant and positive ideas.

Regular Back Massage - Massage therapy will help you with your neck and back pain.
Regular Back Massage – Massage therapy will help you with your neck and back pain.

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Improving overall life quality

Finally, by addressing all of the issues stated above, a regular back massage actually contributes to your overall health. Stress can trigger various dangerous diseases, including high blood pressure and heart disorders. And, if you address it on time, you can contribute to the prevention of such poor outcomes for your health. By helping you with back pain and decreasing stress levels, massage also improves your sleep quality. Which, helps you remain more focused and feel better, in general. Other benefits associated with massage are improved blood circulation and decreased blood pressure.

So you see, there are numerous reasons to visit a massage center regularly or call a massage therapist to visit you like the Aussies do. Massage therapy will help you with your back and neck pain. And, it will also contribute to your overall life quality by decreasing your stress levels and improving your immune system.



This article is written by Peter Minkoff 

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