Ralf - D. Scheffler

My name is Ralf – Detlef , I am 55 years old .
I am from Germany, but living now for 27 years already on Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain.
For 26 years I have had my own little business here on the island, which I had to give up due to health problems. After several months of recovering, I had to realign and find new chores. And so I discovered the numerous possibilities the Internet provides.
We have to take good care of our bodies and health, sadly I had to experience myself, how essential your health is. Health is our greatest asset, mentally and physically !
And for this I will do a good job .


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The Weight Loss Supplements: Pros & Cons In a world where obesity is becoming a significant problem, a lot of people are becoming obsessed with their weight. Because of this, they search for different methods to lose those extra pounds and get the look they always dreamed of having. There are many ways to get to your goal, ranging from exercising and dieting to surgical procedures. None of them are

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Soreness vs Injury – How to Diagnose Your Pain Exercising is highly beneficial to our bodies, and if you are new to it you have plenty to learn yet. At the beginning, you will feel hyped about the new lifestyle and you will end up with sore muscles at the end of the day. It occurs because you put pressure on your body, but this pressure can sometimes result in

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Can You Lose Weight With Shapewear?

Can You Lose Weight With Shapewear? Losing weight is almost always difficult. If the fitness instructor would tell you, that it is easy, then something is wrong with it. We see hundreds of ads and articles about miracle diets, pills and other products that can fasten and aid the weight loss journey. Most of them are either inefficient or the pounds bounce back after some time. Is that the case